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  • Blog Post: Ellen Page And David Cage Talk Beyond

    During the buzz of San Diego Comic Con Beyond writer/director David Cage and star Ellen Page took some time to talk about the game. How excellent do David Cage and Ellen Page think Beyond's storytelling will be? Find out in the video below. [Source: PlayStation Blog ] More
  • Blog Post: Reader Mailbag: E3 Questions

    We're continuing our week of reacting to E3, so we thought we'd open the floor to our readers. Got a question about E3 2012? Just ask it in the comments section to this thread and the GI crew will answer it on the podcast tomorrow. More
  • Blog Post: Molyneux Dissects Microsoft, Sony's E3 Performances

    Peter Molyneux left his posts at Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Studios Europe back in March to form a new company, 22 Cans. The outspoken games-industry veteran isn't sitting on the sidelines in the meantime. In a new interview, Molyneux offers his perspective on Sony and Microsoft's E3 showings... More
  • Blog Post: E3 Drew Huge Crowds, Considering Moving From L.A.

    The world's biggest video game convention experienced healthy attendance this year, drawing over 47,000 people to downtown Los Angeles. However, there is a possibility that the conference might consider a change of location in future years. The L.A. Convention Center (which is located next to the... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2012 Day Four Recap

    As E3 limps to the finish line, the Game Informer crew dragged themselves out of bed to once again conquer the show floor. Here’s a recap of all the major news and game previews we posted today. Hands-On And Demos Today was all about hands-on impression and demo reports from all the hottest games... More
  • Blog Post: Exploring The World Of Lego City Undercover

    One of the most promising games for the early life of the Wii U is the exclusive Lego game from TT Games. Set in the open world of Lego City, players assume the role of Chase McCain as a cop that is hell-bent on tackling and dismantling Lego criminals. The demo being shown at Nintendo's booth showed... More
  • Blog Post: Take To The Skies In World Of Warplanes

    Despite a title that sounds a bit like the game your grandmother buys for you in lieu of the game you actually want by accident, Warplanes seems to be a fully featured multiplayer title that will please fans of airplane dogfighting. World of Warplanes comes from the makers of World of Tanks, the free... More
  • Blog Post: Correction: Tomb Raider Not Targeting Wii U

    Despite the magazine listing to the contrary, the new Tomb Raider reboot is not on the way to Wii U. In the interest of heading off misinformation at the pass, we wanted to drop a quick note correcting a mistake in the July issue of Game Informer, which is on shelves right now. We incorrectly listed... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Actually Expects People To Watch Threediots?

    For 3DS owners who wanted reassurances that Nintendo had not forgotten about them, last night's 3DS Software Showcase event held the potential for new announcements and excitement. Instead of living up to that potential, Nintendo introduced Threediots. Threediots is supposed to be a comedy show,... More
  • Blog Post: Miiverse Posts Require Approval Before Going Live

    The Wii U's homescreen offers something akin to the Wii's Mii Plaza, only with social-networking functionality built into it. Nintendo showed off the new feature, dubbed Miiverse, during its stage presentation. If you thought it would function similarly to PictoChat or SwapNote, you're kind... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Unveils Lego City Undercover

    Update: Screens added Nintendo showed a new Lego game that does not take advantage of an outside license. It looks like a open-world title where you take on the role of a police officer solving crimes, like some kind of Lego Noire. You will be running down crooks in the street, wearing disguises, and... More
  • Blog Post: Video Preview Of Resident Evil 6's Three Main Characters

    Some fans of Resident Evil like Leon Kennedy as their main protagonist, others prefer Chris Redfield, and then there are those that are looking for something new. The structure of Resident Evil 6 is hoping to satiate everyone by including three campaigns featuring three different characters in wildly... More
  • Blog Post: Reggie Fils-Aime Says Wii U's Launch Window Is Longer Than Usual

    "Launch title" typically means that a game is available when a system launches, or shortly thereafter. However, you shouldn't expect all of Wii U’s launch titles within the first couple months of the system’s lifespan. In an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime, the president... More
  • Blog Post: We Tear Up Over Crysis 3’s Sharp Graphics

    Update: Take a peek at the newly-released trailer for Crysis 3. Original Story During EA’s E3 press conference, Crytek showed off the latest entry in its sci-fi shooter series, Crysis. During the company's demo, Crysis 3 protagonist Prophet shoots up a small tropical island, kicks a generator... More
  • Blog Post: New Tomb Raider Demo Shows Off Combat

    Update: New screenshots and a trailer show off the harrowing combat system and cinematic moments. Original Story: Early glimpses of Tomb Raider largely showed off small sections of exploration-focused gameplay. The new demo is different, finally revealing Lara in battle with some of the human scavengers... More
  • Blog Post: Get Your Move On In Portal 2 DLC

    Developer Sixense has revealed some Portal 2 DLC that may make you want to dust off your PS3 copy of Portal 2 and take your Move controller out of storage. The studio is releasing 20 new test chambers that were created with the motion-sensing controller in mind. The trailer below shows off some of the... More
  • Blog Post: Looking Everywhere With Wii U Panorama View

    Wii U Panorama View is a tech demo, or maybe it’s a game without goals? Or maybe it’s something that will never exist outside of the 2012 E3 show floor. Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any concrete plans for Panorama View just yet. It may be something included with the Wii U console to... More
  • Blog Post: Hands And Feet On Wii Fit U

    Nintendo isn’t ready to abandon the Wii Balance Board just yet as it moves into its next console. Wii Fit U doesn’t feel too far removed from the standard set by Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. I wasn’t able to delve into the weight stat tracking of the game for obvious reasons, but I was... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Shows Off Next Gen Final Fantasy Tech Demo

    It wasn’t an announcement of a next-gen game, but rather an impressive technology demo of what Square Enix’s games will look like in the next generation. After the show floor closed for the day, Square Enix shared a three-minute trailer on its huge screen of Luminous Studio, its next generation... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Land Could Possibly Come Bundled With Wii U

    Even with Nintendo’s focus on the Wii U during this year’s E3, there are many questions we still don’t know the answers to regarding the upcoming console. The publisher still isn’t ready to announce a price point or specific launch date, and we don’t know what the retail... More
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