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  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors Creators' Attack On Titan Game Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer

    The game may be from the creators of Dynasty Warriors, but it doesn't look like it will play like a Dynasty Warriors game. Announced back in August , its first teaser didn't offer much of an indication of what to expect in terms of gameplay. It looked like the show and we assumed it would be... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors Developer Announces Attack On Titan Game For PS4

    There aren't many details outside of a 2016 release window and a brief teaser trailer, but Omega Force is developing an Attack on Titan game with Koei Tecmo. You can check out the teaser below, which shows what appears to be in game assets, though it's unclear if it's gameplay. The game will... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo Over Older Dynasty Warriors Games

    Capcom is suing Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo for patent infringement, according to new report. The matter concerns a Capcom-held patent filed in 2002 that details how users can import content from one disc-based piece of software to another. A similar feature was found in a number of Musou games... More
  • Blog Post: Koei Tecmo Promises Plenty Of Hyrule Warriors Updates Post-Release

    To commemorate the Japanese release of Hyrule Warriors, Koei Tecmo shared an important piece of information regarding its title. Despite not releasing worldwide yet, the publisher promises to provide long-term support for the upcoming hack-and-slash title. Taking to its official Twitter account, the... More
  • Blog Post: Hyrule Warriors Has A Japanese Release Date

    Zelda's strange mash-up with Dynasty Warriors is launching on Wii U in Japan this summer. We don't know when Hyrule Warriors will be launching in North America – presumably we'll learn at E3 – but Siliconera reporting from Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, says the game will... More
  • Blog Post: New Game Releases This Week – May 12 Through May 18

    May typically isn't the hottest month for game releases, and this week is keeping with that trend. The only truly new game this week is Capybara Games' Super Time Force on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Outside of that, we hope you like ports! Check out the full list below. Borderlands 2 (Vita) –... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition Coming To Steam

    You no longer need a Sony console to get your feudal Chinese fix – Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition is coming to PC via Steam in May. Tecmo Koei announced the news via Twitter earlier today. The game, which includes the original Dynasty Warriors 8 alongside a number of new features... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Do You Feel About Hyrule Warriors?

    We've all had a few days to reflect since the surprise announcement of Hyrule Warriors (name not final) earlier this week. Now that the announcement has settled in, are you excited about the game? It's not a collaboration that is totally insane. The Zelda series has always been one with action... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 8 Xbox 360 Patch On The Way

    The Xbox 360 version of Dynasty Warriors 8 has some slowdown issues, but Tecmo Koei is working on a patch to make the game run smoother. Tecmo Koei released this statement in regard to the upcoming patch: We have received your feedback regarding the slowdown issues for Dynasty Warriors 8 (Xbox 360 version... More
  • Blog Post: Tecmo Koei Plans To Showcase Several Sequels At E3

    With only a couple of weeks left until E3, Tecmo Koei has announced the titles they will be exhibiting. It's clear from the lineup that the publisher chose to play it safe with long established franchises. Tactical combat franchise Dynasty Warriors, fighting series Dead or Alive are among the series... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Gets Demo

    The PlayStation 3 exclusive is letting players check out several features of the new game for free. Tecmo Koei sent along word today that a new demo for Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires is out now. The demo allows players to mess around in the new Edit Mode, in which one can craft a customized character from... More
  • Blog Post: Fist Of The North Star 2 And Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires Release In February

    Tecmo Koei's adaptation of Fist of the North Star didn't have a ton of fans, but if you're one of them then you might be excited to know that the publisher will release the sequel this February, which coincidentally is the same month it plans to release Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires. That was... More
  • Blog Post: Report: One Piece Getting The Dynasty Warriors Treatment

    The long-running manga/anime series is the subject of a forthcoming Namco Bandai/Tecmo Koei collaboration on PS3 according to leaked images coming out of Japan. One Piece Kaizoku Musou ("kaizoku" being Japanese for "pirate", "musou" meaning the Japanese name for the Dynasty... More
  • Blog Post: Dynasty Warriors Goes Free-To-Play

    Tecmo Koei announced today that Dynasty Warriors will enter the free-to-play space on PC soon. Aeria Games, the U.S. division of Japanese company Aeria Inc. and proud publisher of over a dozen games you've never heard of, will develop and maintain the game. The press release announcing the game makes... More
  • Blog Post: Koei Tecmo Tease New Fist of the North Star Game

    Koei Tecmo just put up a teaser site for a new game franchise. The official press conference to announce this mystery game will take place on October 14th. According to IGN , the rumor circuit in Japan holds that the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors team is behind the title, which is actually a... More
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