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  • Blog Post: Extended Look At Need For Speed Trailer From The Super Bowl

    Dreamworks is inching closer to the release of its EA racer-inspired film, Need for Speed. The series, which has been shepherded by over a dozen EA studios since its 1994 premiere, was most recently in the hands of Ghost Games, a developer with a now-cloudy future . The film stars Aaron Paul, Dominic... More
  • Blog Post: Vroom! $1.3 Million McLaren P1 Starring In Need For Speed Movie

    At this point, it really doesn't matter which human actors appear in the film adaptation of EA's Need for Speed series. The inclusion of a $1.3 million McLaren P1 is sure to steal the show. An image snapped on the set and posted by CarScoops confirms the exotic automobile's inclusion. Other... More
  • Blog Post: Rovio Releasing Game Based On The Croods Animated Film

    Rovio, creator of the famed mobile app Angry Birds, is teaming up with Dreamworks to develop a video game based on the upcoming animated film, The Croods. The game is going to be similar to the gameplay of Zynga’s Farmville where you must set traps to catch prehistoric animals -- basically a simulation... More
  • Blog Post: Need For Speed Movie Edges Closer To The Starting Line

    A few weeks back, we learned that EA was shopping around a movie based around its Need for Speed series. Now comes word that a film studio has picked up the film rights, and that production could start as soon as early next year. Paramount was initially said to be interested in the license , but now... More
  • Blog Post: Wired Explains Why The Halo Movie Project Failed

    In an exhaustively researched and well-written article, Wired digs deep into the saga of the failed Halo film adaptation. It's an interesting look at the still-vast differences that exist between the film and video game industries. The article is long and detailed, so I won't attempt to summarize... More
  • Blog Post: Zynga Adds DreamWorks CEO To Board; Teases ShrekVille

    CityVille and Mafia Wars emperor Zynga is making friends in the movie business. The casual gaming giant has just added DreamWorks Animation producer and CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, to its board of board of directors. Katzenberg helped co-found DreamWorks SKG in 1994 and later helped branch the company by... More
  • Blog Post: Spielberg And DreamWorks To Take On Halo Movie?

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft's Frank O'Connor told Variety that the company is still interested in a Halo flick that would be a standalone story and not a retelling of any of the games in the franchise. With such a robust universe, it's safe to argue any director taking on the project would... More
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