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  • Blog Post: Sega Wanted The Xbox To Play Dreamcast Games And Other Dreamcast Facts

    The latest episode of Did You Know Gaming looks at Sega's final consoles, the Dreamcast. In the video you will learn about the console's many professional partners leading up to its release (including a long-term relationship with Microsoft), the potato "chip" hardware contained inside... More
  • Blog Post: Hotline Miami And Talos Principle Publisher Devolver Digital Pursuing Seaman License

    Devolver Digital, publisher of games like Hotline Miami, The Talos Principle, and others, is making an effort to acquire the Seaman license from Sega. Whether or not Devolver Digital can actually get it remains to be seen, but the company's CFO, Fork Parker, has taken to twitter to try and court... More
  • Blog Post: Learn How Sega And Jet Set Radio Angered Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown

    A new episode of Did You Know Gaming takes a look at the popular Dreamcast-born series Jet Set Radio. The episode covers the development of the game and why the team that made Panzer Dragoon wanted to pursue such a wildly different concept. It also covers a promotional even planned the highlight the... More
  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Illbleed Movie Trailer Delivers Campy Insanity

    Fans of obscure survival horror games (or Super Replay ) will immediately recognize the name Illbleed, the title of a bizarre Dreamcast survival horror game which, despite being a financial failure has garnered a cult following thanks to its B-movie style and story. To honor that B-movie style, the team... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Controller Has The Best Control Stick?

    The control stick is your main input of interaction with video games. Which controller has the best one? Some people dislike the Nintendo 64, Wii, and GameCube's octagon control stick housing, but I've always been a fan. In fact, I was disappointed to see it removed for the Wii U. The circular... More
  • Blog Post: Fan-Made HD Shenmue Remake In The Works

    A Korean fan going by the name NoconKid on YouTube recently published two videos showcasing progress on an HD Shenmue remake. Not much is known about the remake or its timeline as much of the details are in Korean. You can check out the two videos below, as well a link to some screenshots below the videos... More
  • Blog Post: First 4 Figures Opens Pre-Order for Skies Of Arcadia Vyse Statue

    Skies of Arcadia never quite reached the same level of popularity as Final Fantasy or other comparable Japanese RPGs, but it does have a devoted following who will be very happy to place this statue in their desk. First 4 Figures' Vyse statue is available now for pre-order. He stands at17 inches... More
  • Blog Post: Learn Why Bruce Willis Was Used In Early Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Builds In Informational Video

    The folks over at Did You Know Gaming have put together a new video covering the early history of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. The video covers the development of the first game, which was built using a modified version of the engine of Neversoft's previous game, Apocalypse, which starred... More
  • Blog Post: Yu Suzuki Reminisces About Shenmue, Expresses Interest In Shenmue 3

    Yu Suzuki, the mind behind Shenmue, spoke today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco about how his vision came together. The project was ambitious from its beginnings, but Suzuki was always after something grandiose. After joining Sega in '93, Suzuki's early work was creating arcade... More
  • Blog Post: Handy Graphic Shows Video Game Console Cost Adjusted For Inflation Up To Current-Gen

    Video games are an expensive hobby, and while it might not appear to be true – considering current prices – in general, the cost of playing video games has gone down over the years. You'll see the chart below, which was posted on reddit last month by user Auir2blaze . It puts into perspective... More
  • Blog Post: ToeJam & Earl III Now Available On Dreamcast

    ToeJam & Earl III began its life as a Dreamcast exclusive before Microsoft snapped it up for Xbox. Someone has found the unreleased Dreamcast version of the game, and made it available online to download for anyone who is interested. According to the poster, ZakhooiTM on Assembler Games , where the... More
  • Blog Post: Super Replay T-Shirt Design Winners: Blue Stinger

    Super Replay fans are aware of our t-shirt contest tradition, and it's time to announce the winners from the Blue Stinger installment. Our playthrough of the game wrapped up recently, and we survived plenty of weird and memorable encounters. Let's take a look at the winners for this contest WINNER... More
  • Blog Post: French Reporter Says Yu Suzuki Hasn't Ruled Out Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

    Yu Suzuki, creator of perhaps the video game industry's most famously unfinished franchise, told French reporter Sebastien-Abdelhamid that he has considered crowdfunding to produce a third entry into the Shenmue series. Sebastien-Abdelhamid is a reporter for French television and he spoke to Suzuki... More
  • Blog Post: YouTube Video Attempts To Unify All Video Games Into One Universe

    YouTube user Matthew Patrick has put together an extensive video connecting many far reaching video game franchises into one persistent Universe. You'll be surprised by the real-world connection that brings everything together. More
  • Blog Post: Jet Set Radio All Set For iOS And Android Devices

    We've got news that will rattle the minds of Dreamcast fans like so many spray paint cans. Jet Set Radio, originally Jet Grind Radio, will be hitting iOS and Android devices alongside the game's console and PC release. While specifics on how the game will control or an exact release date are... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Talks Phantasy Star Online 2

    The follow-up to Phantasy Star Online was revealed at TGS last year, but now Sega has released some tidbits about the direction and goals for Phantasy Star Online 2. At an event in Akihabara, series producer Satoshi Sakai claimed that the game will convey a sense of adventure that has been lost in modern... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Dreamcast Collection Announced

    We broke the news that there was a Sega Dreamcast museum title coming, and now the company has made it official. The game will feature for beloved titles: Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing, and Space Channel 5: Part 2. The game will be available on retail shelves for Xbox 360, and as a digital... More
  • Blog Post: Sega To Release Dreamcast Collection Title

    In an interview in the January issue of Game Informer (Tomb Raider cover, issue 213), Sega's executive vice president of sales and marketing Alan Pritchard revealed that the company is going to release a Dreamcast collection title that will compile some of that system's most popular games, similar... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Drops Details On Crazy Taxi HD

    Earlier this year Sega announced that an HD remake of Crazy Taxi was in the works. Now it's dropping more concrete details on the upcoming release. “Crazy Taxi is the second installment in our Dreamcast revival, and we hope this release will prove every bit as nostalgic to fans as Sonic Adventure... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic’s Creator Hasn’t Given Up On Dreamcast

    If you miss the Dreamcast, apparently you’re in good company. Sonic the Hedgehog creator said in an interview he’s hoping to work on Dreamcast 2. During a London press event for Ivy the Kiwi?, Naka told CVG that he holds more than a bit of nostalgia for Sega’s past. "I do miss... More
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