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  • Blog Post: Dragon’s Crown Is Now Complete With Fifth Major Update

    Atlus and Vanillaware have rolled out the fifth and final update for RPG brawler Dragon’s Crown. If you’re playing on PS3 or Vita, be sure to update your game for a host of improvements and tweaks. This update includes some general stability improvements, but the focus is largely on new and... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Is Now Live

    Atlus's Dragon's Crown promises cross-play functionality has been implemented in a new patch. Now, Vita and PS3 owners can play the co-op action/RPG together. The company released a new trailer to celebrate, watch it, then hop on PSN and get your hack on. More
  • Blog Post: Dragon's Crown Cross-Play Coming To North America

    You've got Dragon's Crown on your PS3, but your friend has been playing on the Vita. It's a shame you can't play together… or can you? Atlus has announced that an update is coming to Dragon's Crown that will enable cross-play. If you have been holding off on playing Vanillaware's... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon's Crown On Sale At Retail Starting Today

    If you've been considering a purchase of Vanillaware's gorgeous hack-and-slash Dragon's Crown , you might want to head the store sometime in the next week. Atlus is putting both the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions on sale. The PlayStation 3 version will be $39.99 and you'll be able to... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon’s Crown DLC Free For First Month

    Vanillaware’s upcoming brawler Dragon’s Crown has already received some fire over its characters’ exaggerated bodies , but here’s some news that’s tough to be upset about: For the first month, the Voice Pack DLC will be completely free. This content replaces the standard... More
  • Blog Post: New Dragon's Crown Trailer Introduces The Dwarf

    In the latest Dragon's Crown trailer, we meet the Dwarf, who actually doesn't seem much shorter than any of the other playable characters. He's a dual wield specialist with the ability to to set his hands on fire. For more on Dragon's Crown, and to see more of the game in action, you... More
  • Blog Post: Box Art And Art Book Revealed For Dragon's Crown

    Dragon's Crown, the upcoming 2D hack-and-slash from Vanillaware and Atlus, has some fantastic art, which is why getting an art book for pre-ordering the game is good news. The reveal of the art book also brings along with it the box art for the game, which is unsurprisingly very pretty. The art book... More
  • Blog Post: Japanese Dragon’s Crown Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

    A new video for the upcoming fantasy-themed brawler offers a clear look at the action. Dragon’s Crown has been something of a mystery for many months now. Developer Vanillaware is the house behind the artistically intriguing Odin Sphere and Muramasa, but the team has been working on Dragon’s... More
  • Blog Post: Atlus Picks Up Dragon's Crown

    ATLUS said today it acquired the North American and Japan publishing rights for Vanillaware's 2D side-scrolling action RPG Dragon's Crown. Publishing rights for the game were previously owned by UTV Ignition. ATLUS is now assisting Vanillaware on the game's development and will publish it... More
  • Blog Post: What's Up With Dragon's Crown?

    Something fishy is going on with Vanillaware's 2D action RPG Dragon's Crown for PlayStation 3 and Vita. Yesterday, numerous reports from users say their preorders from Amazon were cancelled and the listing was removed from the website entirely, leading many to believe the game itself has been... More
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