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  • Blog Post: 'Stretch Goals Muddy The Waters' Warns Kickstarter Co-Founder

    Kickstarter has been slowly tightening up its guidance to project managers and potential backers. Last year, we saw the funding platform institute a "risks and challenges" section to spur realistic thinking about potential stumbling blocks. Now the organization has issued a warning about stretch... More
  • Blog Post: Massive Chalice Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal Before End Of First Week

    Double Fine's request for funding of Massive Chalice before completing production on its previous crowd-funded effort, Double Fine Adventure, has caused a bit of a stir in the gaming community. But despite Broken Age not yet being complete, the developer has received in excess of the $725,000 goal... More
  • Blog Post: More Than $100 Million Donated To Kickstarter Games

    Funding games through Kickstarter is an increasingly popular path for developers, and the money trail proves the viability of the approach. A recent report provided by Kickstarter highlights just how much money people are giving away to help these new games see the light of day. A hefty $107.6 million... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Adventure Probably Won't Look Like This

    A video from Double Fine leaked yesterday showing off what is believed to be an early look at the studio's Kickstarter adventure game. The 30-second video demonstration below shows a character walking through a forest and into a house. So is this an early look at Double Fine Adventure? The studio... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Adventure The Largest Project In Kickstarter History

    Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, is seeing hugh growth due to Double Fine's recent adventure game project. A new blog post from the company outlines the effect Double Fine has had on its business. Double Fine Adventure has now become the biggest project in Kickstarter's history: Dollars... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Raises 3.3 Million For Adventure Game

    The total amount donated to help Double Fine fund a classic adventure title reached $3,336,371. The Kickstarter ended late yesterday and saw just over 87,000 backers for the project. Double Fine's original goal was only $400,000. We still don't know much about the game, and probably won't... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Trademarks 'The Cave'

    The team behind the upcoming Kickstarter adventure title filed a new trademark this month, and it has nothing to do with the project. Double Fine filed a trademark for "The Cave" on February 22. Whatever it turns out to be, it won't have anything to do with the upcoming game. "While... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Tops $2 Million

    In less than two weeks, Double Fine has already raised more than $2 million to fund its old-school adventure game. With nearly 60,000 backers, the developer plans to use the additional funds to add voice acting, original music, localization, and more. Studio head Tim Schafer said last week the project... More
  • Blog Post: Double Fine Adventure Coming To PC, Mac, Linux And Mobile

    Studio head Tim Schafer provides a few updates on the Kickstarter project that currently sits at over $1.8 million. In a new video posted today, Schafer explains the project will head to PC, Linux, Mac, and certain iOS and Android devices. Schafer said these are only the platforms confirmed so far. “We’re... More
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