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  • Blog Post: Listen To An Exclusive Track From Nerdcore Rap Documentary Mega-Lo-Mania

    Nerdcore rapper Random AKA Mega Ran is big and only getting bigger. You may have seen him perform at PAX, or you could have been introduced to his music here at Game Informer or any number of other outlets. Now, one of the more popular nerd musicians has his own documentary in conjunction with soul/funk... More
  • Blog Post: CODumentary Documents Rise Of Activision's Call of Duty Franchise

    A new independently produced feature documentary tells the tale of Call of Duty's origins and rise to international popularity. Entitled CODumentary: The Call of Duty Story , the film aims to document the rise of Activision and Infinity Ward's popular first-person shooter franchise, and the eSports... More
  • Blog Post: Power Glove Documentary Film Seeking Kickstarter Funding

    Power of Glove , a documentary about the infamous Power Glove NES accessory, is looking to Kickstarter to help complete the film. Unveiled around this time last year , Power of Glove examines the creation, failure, and cult following that has emerged surrounding the Power Glove. Co-directors Adam Ward... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Trailer For The E.T. Excavation Documentary

    The once buried copies of Atari's E.T. have been dug up and dusted off. Now all that's left to do is make a documentary about them. Oh, that's done now too. Watch the trailer, which examines how Atari went from be biggest new company in America and the leader of the video game industry to... More
  • Blog Post: Chiptune Documentary Sequence Shows The Animated Life Of A Game Boy

    The opening sequence to Europe in 8 Bits , an upcoming documentary on the European chiptune scene, shows us the life, death, and rebirth of an original Game Boy. It's a great sequence, which depicts an original Game Boy going from factory to home to a second life as a piece of musical equipment.... More
  • Blog Post: Valve Created Documentary Film Free To Play Premieres Next Month

    Developed internally at Valve, the documentary film follows three professional Dota 2 players from different countries as they compete in a $1 million tournament. The film follows each of the players – coming from Asia, North America, and Europe – taking a peak inside their home and family... More
  • Blog Post: Watch New Documentary On Gran Turismo Creator Kazunori Yamauchi

    A new documentary examines the legacy and creative process the legendary head of Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi.[Excerpt The full version is now online and you can watch it below. Entitled Kaz: Pushing the Virtual Divide , it's a high-production value look at the work and philosophy of a man... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Posts 'I Am Street Fighter' Documentary On YouTube For All To See

    I am Street Fighter , the 70-minute documentary film covering the cultural phenomenon that is Street Fighter, is now available on YouTube . The documentary was originally included as part of the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set , which released around this time last year. The documentary... More
  • Blog Post: Documentary Film Covers The Legacy Of Nintendo's Power Glove

    The Power Glove for the Nintendo Entertainment System might not have worked nearly as well as advertised, but that doesn't mean it hasn't become a cultural phenomenon. Film makers Adam Ward, Andrew Austin, and Paula Kosowski wanted to document the legacy of one of Nintendo's strangest peripherals... More
  • Blog Post: Sonic the Hedgehog Documentary Parts 2 And 3

    Sonic Generations is out. Some of you have played it. Some of you have commented on the reviews without playing it. But there is one thing that we can all agree on: Sonic is blue. Check out this Sonic documentary. The latest episodes of Sega’s mini Sonic the Hedgehog documentary talks about Sega’s... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Tour Of The Current State Of Human Augmentation

    Deus Ex: Human Revoultion's Adam Jensen is enhanced to the gills, with super-strong arms that contain hidden blades, eyes that see through walls and categorize threats, and implanted retractable sunglasses that he wears indoors. Here in the real world, we're a long way from that level of augmentation... More
  • Blog Post: New Video Celebrates 20 Years Of Bungie

    The creators of Halo have a new documentary about the studio's history, but they also take some time to tease their "totally new" game franchise. With the help of the Halo series, Bungie has become one of the most recognized names in game development. Even before the advent of that series... More
  • Blog Post: New Documentary On Hulu Explores MMO Culture

    If you're a fan of gaming documentaries, you might want to head over to Hulu (or watch below) to check out "Gamers." It follows filmmaker Ben Gonyo as he jumps into the MMO genre after being away from gaming culture for a decade. It features interviews with Curt Schilling, Jay Mohr, RA... More
  • Blog Post: 21-Minute Minecraft Documentary Released

    Curious about the story behind the indie phenomenon? Let the crew at Mojang tell you in their own words in this professionally produced video documentary. Indie (naturally) video creators 2-Player Productions produced Minecraft: The Story of Mojang as a proof of concept for a feature-length film that... More
  • Blog Post: Billy Mitchell Opens King of Kong Arcade

    When 2007’s documentary King of Kong hit theaters, video game record holder Billy Mitchell complained about his villainous portrayal in the film. But, that hasn’t stopped the hot sauce magnate from leveraging the film’s popularity to open a King of Kong themed arcade. The arcade recently... More
  • Blog Post: Clash of the Titans Director Makes Dead Space 2 Documentary

    French director Louis Leterrier's Clash of the Titans did blockbuster numbers, and showed a distinct video game influence. That was no coincidence -- the filmmaker is a gamer, and one of his favorites is EA's Dead Space 2. To pay tribute to the game, Leterrier has filmed a four-part behind-the... More
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