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  • Blog Post: Catch The Easter Spirit By Scavenging For Lego Dimensions' Hidden Jokes

    Lego Dimensions was one of last year's best toys-to-life games , and has the series' irresistible allure of taking pop-culture staples and Lego-fying them to comedic effect. The game has an added dimension of charm because it melds different properties together, putting the likes of Portal, The... More
  • Blog Post: Loot Crate Holiday Lineup Packs Star Wars, Doctor Who, And Call Of Duty Booty

    Loot Crate, the monthly geek and gamer gear subscription club, unveiled its latest premium crate themes today. The limited edition mystery boxes will contain four to seven collectibles, apparel, gadgets, art, or other products from Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Call of Duty. Here are the prices and sale... More
  • Blog Post: Mystery Lego Tease Spans Batman, Lord Of The Rings, Back To The Future

    Using the hashtag #BreakTheRules on assorted social media sites, Lego seems to be teasing something related to a number of popular franchises. A short video on the official Lego Instagram shows Community 's Joel McHale opening a Doctor Who-themed box. A mysterious box in front of an unassuming doorway... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Re-Enters The Time War With Doctor Who Skins Volume II

    Microsoft and the BBC are releasing another huge pack of Doctor Who skins this week. You’ll be able to dress up as popular companions, scary monsters, and even more versions of the Time Lord himself. The Doctor Who Skins Volume II pack includes beloved characters like K9 and Martha Jones, terrifying... More
  • Blog Post: It’s Almost Timey Wimey For Doctor Who To Visit Minecraft

    A new batch of skins is coming to Minecraft on Xbox 360 this Friday courtesy of the BBC. Doctor Who, along with some of his companions and greatest enemies, will be coming to Mojang’s blocky wonder. As we previously detailed , the pack includes six versions of the Doctor, including Peter Capaldi’s... More
  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Invades Minecraft For Xbox 360

    With Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor Who, the long-running British sci-fi series has never been hotter in the U.S., recently setting a new high ratings mark for BBC America. Now, the good Doctor is coming to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Microsoft has announced that a new Doctor Who character... More
  • Blog Post: Twelve Popular T-Shirt Designs Return

    Most T-shirt designs offered through daily sales on TeeFury.com are only available for a limited time. During these twenty-four hour sales, the featured design is available for just $11. Once the sale ends, that design is available for the regular price of $18 for a few more hours. Once those hours are... More
  • Blog Post: Cyber Monday T-Shirt Grab Bag Sale

    Many of you have probably been bargain-hunting all Thanksgiving weekend, but there are still great deals to be found. Today is Cyber Monday, the online shopping day of the year, and TeeFury is holding a particularly special sale. TeeFury has a grab bag sale every few months, offering T-shirts at reduced... More
  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Easter Eggs From 30 Years Of Gaming

    Doctor Who just celebrated his 50th Anniversary (despite being over 900 years old). Did You Know Gaming has taken the opportunity to compile a number of Easter Eggs featuring The Doctor, Daleks, and the Tardis. Some are bit fuzzy, but there are a number that are unmistakably tied to the long-running... More
  • Blog Post: Google France Features Doctor Who Game

    Google is full of geeks, so it's not surprising that they love everyone's favorite time traveling doctor. If you head over to the French version of Google's site today, you can play a Doctor Who mini game. Hurry up and help the Doctor find all of the letters that spell Google on Google France's... More
  • Blog Post: Link Cosplays Doctor Who In This Here Today, Gone Tomorrow T-Shirt Design

    TeeFury is a website that specializes in daily t-shirt designs. Each design is only offered for 24 hours (starting at 12 AM ET), and they're always just $11. I highly recommend you bookmark TeeFury's site , as almost every one of their shirts is of the geek culture variety. Also, check out Day... More
  • Blog Post: BBC Hopeful For Increased Cross-Merchandising In Next Xbox

    If you've ever wanted to go right from watching an episode of Doctor Who to playing a game starring the Time Lord to purchasing your own sonic screwdriver, the BBC wants to make that happen. Speaking with GamesIndustry International , the network's executive vice president, Robert Nashak, spoke... More
  • Blog Post: Doctor Who Comes To Vita On Tuesday

    Despite an initially promised release date of June 13 for the Vita version of Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, the game will finally be available on Tuesday, October 9. The Vita version was apparently delayed to allow the Vita version of the game to take advantage of some of the handheld's special... More
  • Blog Post: Doctor Who: Worlds in Time Performs Soft Open

    Time to board the Tardis. BBC Worldwide just announced that its browser-based, free-to-play, multiplayer online game based on the Doctor Who license was available for preview play. Geronimo! Developed in partnership with Three Rings – the online developer behind titles like Puzzle Pirates and Spiral... More
  • Blog Post: Four Free Doctor Who Games Coming

    The BBC is planning to release four free adventure games based on the best sci-fi show on television. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will start appearing on the BBC's website in June, and tie into the narrative of the just-started fifth season of the show. We can assume that these are adventure... More
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