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  • Blog Post: Select Battlefield 4 And Battlefield Hardline DLC Free On Consoles And PC

    Later this week, EA and DICE are going to be unveiling the next Battlefield game. If that has you considering a return to one of the more recent installments, there’s some free DLC to give you something fresh. On both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, you can grab one DLC pack each for Battlefield... More
  • Blog Post: All Uncharted 4 Multiplayer DLC Will Be Unlockable By Playing

    With just a week to go before Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launches on PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog has unveiled details about its approach to DLC. You’ll be able to earn everything just by playing. You’ll earn the in-game relics currency just by playing. Those can be spent on chests that... More
  • Blog Post: Battlefront Celebrates Star Wars Day With 4,444 Credits, Free PC Trial

    This Wednesday is very special for fans of a galaxy far, far away. It’s Star Wars Day. Why is it Star Wars Day? Because May the 4th be with you. That’s why. EA is celebrating the event with a number of Star Wars: Battlefront items, as well as goodies in its other Star Wars games. Battlefront... More
  • Blog Post: Quantum Break Patch Addresses Several Issues On PC

    Following a title update from a few days ago on Xbox One , Quantum Break is receiving a significant patch on PC today, addressing several problems from launch. PC players have been experiencing a bunch of performance issues such as frame rate and crashes. The lack of a quit button was also a concern... More
  • Blog Post: Ratchet And Clank Join Dead Star, But Only If You Play At Certain Times

    The universe's favorite Lombax and his tin friend are joining Dead Star tomorrow. Dead Star is Armature Studio's 10v10 twin-stick shooter that is available for free to PlayStation Plus members for the month of April. While the duo is available at no cost to all Dead Star players, they can only... More
  • Blog Post: New Fire Emblem Fates DLC Maps Introduce New Storyline

    Nintendo and developer Intelligent Systems have announced another series of maps for Fire Emblem Fates, and this second map pack tells its own story. Map Pack 2 consists of six maps (see scheduling and prices below) that culminate in a contained story involving alternate-dimension versions of the Hoshidan... More
  • Blog Post: Quantum Break Getting A Title Update With Plenty Of Fixes On Xbox One Today

    The Xbox One version of Quantum Break is getting a number of fixes today care of a title update. The patch notes include the normal details, like the broad fixing of bugs and glitches, but also includes some weirdly specific bugs like, "World no longer visibly unloads after Jack lets Beth and NPC... More
  • Blog Post: Dark Souls III Getting An Update Tonight That Will Result In A Few Hours Of Downtime

    Dark Souls III will be going down for a few hours tonight on all platforms in order to deliver update version 1.04. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game will be down for different periods of time. You can check out the times below. PS4 – 4PM to 6PM PDT XB1 – 4PM to 10PM... More
  • Blog Post: Fallout 4 Mods Are Now In Open Beta On PC, Console Mods Coming Soon

    Anyone playing Fallout 4 on PC can now begin browsing and using mods. Bethesda announced today that it has opened the beta process up to the entire community. You’ll need Fallout 4 update 1.5, which you can download via Steam. You’ll need to enable the beta setting using these steps, though... More
  • Blog Post: GTA V Online Event Introduces New Multiplayer Maps, Bonuses, And Discounts

    High Life Week , a Grand Theft Auto V Online event currently underway until April 28, brings two new multiplayer maps to the adversary mode Inch By Inch , along with a week's worth of bonuses and discounts. The two new Inch By Inch maps include Grapeseed Cow Farm and the Los Santos International... More
  • Blog Post: Rocket League Free All Weekend, The Witcher 3 Antenna On Its Way

    In celebration of the basketball-themed Hoops update coming next week, Rocket League is free all weekend for PC players on Steam. Additionally, the Hoops update will include The Witcher medallion as a new antenna add-on for customizing your car. Rocket League is free-to-play right now until Sunday at... More
  • Blog Post: A Pair Of Battleborn Characters Will Be Playable In Rock Band 4 Soon

    Battleborn's Thorn, an elf-like archer, and Miko, a... mushroom, will both be playable musicians in Rock Band 4 soon. Additional details are scarce right now, but this isn't the first time Gearbox has partnered with Harmonix to craft a bizarre, unexpected cameo appearance. Last year, Borderlands'... More
  • Blog Post: Say Goodbye, Goodbye To The Beatle's Rock Band DLC

    The Beatles were a popular English rock band, formed in Liverpool back in the '60s. Maybe you've heard of them. If you're a fan, you might want to snatch up their catalog of songs on The Beatles: Rock Band before they disappear from online stores in the coming weeks. A recent post on Harmonix... More
  • Blog Post: The Walking Dead: Michonne's Series Finale Gets A Launch Trailer

    The final episode of The Walking Dead: Michonne is a few days away, but you can watch the launch trailer right now. The trailer threatens that everything you've become in the first two episodes leads to this, so hopefully you've made good choices. Episode 3 The Walking Dead: Michonne releases... More
  • Blog Post: Hearthstone's Next Patch Contains Some Major Nerfs

    In advance of the Hearthstone's Year of the Kraken and upcoming Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, Blizzard is updating some staple Hearthstone cards. We've got a full breakdown of what's affected. Blizzard posted the changes on Battle.net , along with detailed descriptions for why each... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac’s Afterbirth DLC Comes To Current-Gen Consoles In May

    Dry your tears, Binding of Isaac fans. The Afterbirth DLC that released in October for PC is coming to current-gen consoles. Nicalis announced today that the add-on, which features approximately 100 additional hours of play, more than 1,000 new rooms, and a variety of items, is coming in just a few weeks... More
  • Blog Post: Rocket League’s Free Hoops Basketball Mode Gets Nothing But Net Next Week

    Psyonix is about ready to suck you back into Rocket League. The developer’s new mode changes the game from car soccer to car basketball, and you’ll be playing it very soon. Hoops mode won’t cost you a dime. It’s coming as part of a regular update schedule for April 26. If you... More
  • Blog Post: Armello Is Coming To Xbox One, All Platforms Getting DLC This Fall

    Armello, a digital board game featuring anthropomorphized animals and shadowy banes, is making its way to another platform. Xbox One players will be able to roll the dice this fall. If you happen to be playing on PlayStation 4 or PC though, there’s something for you to look forward to, also. When... More
  • Blog Post: Tracer Is Out Today In Heroes Of The Storm, Debut Trailer Features Curious Cameo

    If you happened to pre-order Overwatch on PC through Battle.net, one of your bonuses has arrived. Tracer is available for you in Heroes of the Storm starting today. The trailer below marks her arrival to the Nexus. It isn’t as informative as the one Blizzard released a few days ago , but there... More
  • Blog Post: Guile Returns To The Fight In Street Fighter V This Month [Trailer Added]

    If Street Fighter V has been getting stale for you, perhaps the return of one of the original world warriors will lure you back. Capcom has announced that Guile will be released for free this month. The company says that the delay of the Zenny Shop (that allows players to purchase skins, titles, and... More
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