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  • Blog Post: [Update] Shadowrun: Hong Kong's Free Bonus Campaign Is Now Live

    Update: The Shadowrun: Hong Kong Extended Edition update , which adds 5+ hours of gameplay and an audio commentary from the developers, has gone live. If you own Steam, the free update will download automatically. It's also worth noting that Shadowrun: Hong Kong is 50% off on GOG and Steam right... More
  • Blog Post: A Corgi Gun? XCOM 2 Mod Support Is Working As Intended

    XCOM 2 is out today, and modders are already starting to flex their muscles. You can add submachine guns to your arsenal. A Muton Centurion enemy type can show up and give your squad trouble with another user-created add-on. Oh, and then there’s a corgi gun. The ACORG-47 transforms your weapon... More
  • Blog Post: Dying Light's 'Be The Zombie' Mode Infects The Following's Sprawling Countryside

    The expansion to Dying Light, The Following , hits next week, complete with a huge new map to face off against player-controlled monstrosities in the asymmetrical Be The Zombie multiplayer mode. This new trailer from Techland showcases what it's like to fight an insanely agile zombie with weaponized... More
  • Blog Post: Journey To The West Skin Pack Adds Chinese Flair To Minecraft

    Players who want to breathe a little life into their Minecraft characters are in luck. The Windows 10 Edition Beta and Pocket Edition of the game are getting new character skins based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West . The pack features more than a dozen new character skins, and it's available... More
  • Blog Post: Cities: Skylines Snowfall Expansion Gets Release Date

    We're not out of winter by a long shot, and Cities: Skylines' Snowfall expansion is just the thing to cozy up to during a long winter night. Paradox has announced that the expansion comes out on February 18 for $19.99 (PC, Mac, Linux). Players will have to beware of icy roads when the temperature... More
  • Blog Post: Luigi's Mansion's Professor Elvin Gadd Costume Coming To Super Mario Maker

    The inventor of Luigi's Poltergust 3000 (and Mario Sunshine's F.L.U.D.D.) is getting a Super Mario Maker avatar as part of a special event. Despite featuring 120 different costumes, many of which are based on obscure characters, Professor E. Gadd is not currently available as an unlockable. Gadd... More
  • Blog Post: Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest Update Rebalances Cards, Adds Challenges

    Magic: The Gathering is the latest property to get the Puzzle Quest treatment, and developer Hibernum has blended the two cleverly. The game, which was released in December, sees its first major update today. Included is a rebalancing for one of the Planeswalkers (Gideon), and more than 20 cards. There... More
  • Blog Post: Get Mythical Pokémon Mew Starting Today At GameStop

    In celebration of Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, you’ll be able to get some mythical pocket monsters throughout the year. The first is available starting today. In order to get your hands on a Level 100 Mew, you can get a code card from GameStop (Disclosure: GameStop is Game Informer’s... More
  • Blog Post: Rainbow Six Siege Gets Black Ice Update With Two Operators, Free Map

    The first of four major updates for Rainbow Six Siege is now live. Black Ice introduces two new operators, a new snowy map set in Hudson Bay, Canada, and new weapon skins. Buck and Frost, the two new operators, are members of Canada’s JTF 2. Both are now accessible for season pass holders. The... More
  • Blog Post: Reminder: It's The Last Day To Grab January's Xbox Games With Gold Titles

    If you've got Games With Gold and you've been putting it off, just a head's up: today is the last day to grab Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition. Those two games will be pulled from rotation to make way for February's titles after today. Deus Ex: Human... More
  • Blog Post: Bayonetta And Corrin Coming To Smash Brothers This Week

    Only a few days left until you can lay the smackdown on Kirby as Bayonetta or Corrin, the protagonist from the upcoming Fire Emblem: Fates. According to Nintendo, both characters will be available to purchase on the afternoon of February 3: Bayonetta and Corrin come to #SmashBros in the afternoon Feb... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] New Killer Instinct Trailers Tease Halo's Arbiter And Show Kim Wu In Action

    Update: A new teaser has been unveiled that seems to suggest we can expect to see the Arbiter from Halo in Killer Instinct's roster as well. Check it out: Original Story (January 30 at 4:15 p.m. Central): Season 3 of Killer Instinct is just up the road and today Iron Galaxy revealed a returning face... More
  • Blog Post: New Maps, Playable Quiet Coming To Metal Gear Online

    Konami has announced that new maps as well as a playable Quiet are coming to Metal Gear Online in March. The publisher revealed the news on its Metal Gear Online Twitter account earlier this morning: The new DLC is arriving March 2016, we'll have more details on Monday including a recap of the new... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Details Destiny’s Time-Limited Crimson Doubles Crucible Mode

    Love is in the air, and so is molten death. It’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day the Destiny way. In this week’s update, Bungie has unveiled the two-versus-two Crimson Doubles mode that will launch along side the in-game Crimson Days event . You’ll need a date for this one,... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Heroes 2016 Launches Today With Updated Character Models, Controller Support

    Everyone loves a good story of redemption, especially when there are super powers involved. When it first launched in 2014, Marvel Heroes had some issues, but over the past two years developer Gazillion has been hard at work improving the experience. Today marks another evolution for the action-RPG,... More
  • Blog Post: Peter Stormare Returns As ‘The Replacer’ To Promote Call Of Duty DLC

    Back when Black Ops II was the latest game in the Call of Duty rotation, Activision created a character called The Replacer to promote the game. Played by Peter Stormare ( Armageddon, Fargo ), the character stepped in to give average joes more time for fraggin’. With the first Call of Duty: Black... More
  • Blog Post: Explore The Countryside In This New Dying Light: The Following Trailer

    Developer Techland released a new trailer for the upcoming DLC, Dying Light: The Following today, packed with new secrets, locales, and environments for Kyle Crane to explore. The trailer features locales such as the Granary, a tower billed as a parkour paradise, the Old Graveyard, an ominous burial... More
  • Blog Post: The Division’s Season Pass Includes Three Major Add-Ons

    With The Division’s closed beta rolling on Xbox One now, with PS4 and PC starting tomorrow, Ubisoft has laid out plans for the game post-launch. We’ve known there is a season pass (it comes with the Gold and Collector’s Editions). Today we have a better idea of what shape that will... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto Online Drop Zone Mode Kicks You Out Of A Plane

    Grand Theft Auto Online has a new high-flying and fast-falling adversary mode today. Drop Zone straps a parachute to your back for a twist on King of the Hill. Four teams of up to sixteen players each will plummet to the earth to hold onto a patch of land. The first team to secure the location for two... More
  • Blog Post: Cosplay Skin Pack Announced As Mortal Kombat XL Pre-Order Bonus

    The pre-order bonus for Mortal Kombat XL, the definitive edition of Mortal Kombat X, has been revealed. The “Cosplay” skin pack features two new costumes for kombatants Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs, reimagining the characters as Lin Kuei and Shirai Ryu ninjas. Mortal Kombat XL was announced... More
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