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  • Blog Post: Fantasia Gets Release Date, New Songs & Area

    Harmonix has announced six new songs for Fantasia: Music Evolved (coming out this fall), as well as a new area in the game: The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood is an urban area that contains some of the six newly announced songs for the title, which comes out on October 21: The Who – "The Real... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Epic Mickey 2 In Development?

    According to supposed leaked online marketing materials dug up by a Destructoid reader, it would appear that Disney Interactive Studios is giving Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit a second shot in Disney Epic Mickey 2. Along with four potential box art designs for the game, a detailed description... More
  • Blog Post: Ex-Black Rock Devs Form New Studio

    Disney Interactive has been beating a hasty retreat from traditional console games, and Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios (based in Brighton, England) have been barring some of the brunt. Two former Black Rock's developers have taken matters into their own hands and started their own studio... More
  • Blog Post: Get A New Look At Split/Second With Free DLC

    Black Rock's Split/Second didn't have car customization per se – although it had cool decals that automatically appeared on your car based on your achievements – but the developer is letting gamers look good playing the game with new cars and paint jobs via DLC. The Elite Vehicle... More
  • Blog Post: Disney's Famous Mouse Does 2D And 3D In New Screens

    Disney's Epic Mickey is set to take fans of the world's most famous rodent (besides Pikachu) on the adventure of a lifetime. Mickey traverses a robust 3D world in which he uses either paint to restore decay or wipe away everything with paint thinner. He also takes a break for 2D platforming sections... More
  • Blog Post: Split/Second Triggers PSP Power Play

    No matter the screen size, the explosions should still be plenty big when Split/Second heads over to the PSP. The game is coming out this holiday season, and hopes to provide the same anything-can-happen feeling on the handheld which made the console versions such a fun time. Split/Second on the PSP... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Mickey Keeps Looking Better And Better

    We sat down with industry legend, Warren Spector, and learned about the continued progress of Junction Point's new game. Mickey has come a long way in recent months, and the game looks like one of the most compelling and surprising entries for the Wii this year. The core gameplay and story elements... More
  • Blog Post: Split/Second Trailer, Helicopters vs. Cars

    In Death Race 2000, David Carradine had to deal with murderous traffic, assassination attempts, and a younger, healthier Sylvester Stallone. But in Disney’s new Split/Second – a game based around a similar destruction derby reality show – players will have to contend with murderous... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Tucking Tail On PS3 & 360?

    Despite games like Tron and racer Split Second on the horizon, Disney Interactive CEO Bob Iger says that the company is scaling back on its PS3 & Xbox 360 ambitions. "Disney-branded [games] seem to perform better on the Nintendo Wii and DS Platforms," said Iger in a call with investors... More
  • Blog Post: A New Batch of Split Second Screens

    Check out these new Split Second screens to go along with the preview in the March issue of Game Informer. More
  • Blog Post: Tron: Evolution Announced

    Disney Interactive Studios' and developer Propaganda Games (2008's Turok) have announced that they are working on Tron: Evolution to come out in conjunction with Tron: Legacy next holiday season, and here are the first screens and trailer for the game. There aren't any gameplay details regarding... More
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