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  • Blog Post: The New Devil May Cry Art Book May Be As Stylish As Dante Himself

    Devil May Cry has one of slickest visual styles in gaming, and you can bask in its coolness with Devil May Cry 3142: Graphic Arts . The 224-page book collects works from the first four games, as well as the anime series. Within its pages are illustrations and concept art of character models, weapons... More
  • Blog Post: Free Animal Crossing And Devil May Cry Available For Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    It's the first Friday of the month, which means you can download new, free content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Capcom continues to roll out new quests, missions, and gear with fun incentives from other games. This month brings three new crossovers. A fishing quest will get you the crafting materials... More
  • Blog Post: NECA Bringing Original Devil May Cry Figure To Market

    NECA's new 7-inch Dante figure is based on the original vision for the character from 2001's Devil May Cry (don't be fooled by NECA calling it a Devil May Cry 4 figure), and it should be available any day now at select retailers. The figure comes with Dante's Ebony and Ivory pistols ... More
  • Blog Post: Teaser Hints At Vergil In Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

    Capcom’s launch trailer for DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition includes a second look at Vergil from the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition hits current generation consoles today – you can check out our review here – and Capcom has released... More
  • Blog Post: DmC: Definitive Edition On PS4 And Xbox One Release Date Pushed Forward

    DmC: Definitive Edition, the current-gen upgrade for Ninja Theory’s 2013 Devil May Cry, is coming earlier than originally announced. When it was revealed last month , DmC: Definitive Edition was slated for a March 17 release date. Today, Capcom announced the date is being moved up a week. DmC:... More
  • Blog Post: Devil May Cry Soundbox Available Now, Contains Soundtracks From The First Four Games

    Sumthing Else Music Works announced today that it secured a licensing deal with Capcom to release a collection of Devil May Cry soundtracks known as the Devil May Cry Sound Box. The collection, which is available for purchase now, contains the soundtracks for the first four Devil May Cry games. The collection... More
  • Blog Post: Ninja Theory News Coming On Monday

    Ninja Theory, the studio behind Heavenly Sword, the Devil May Cry reboot, and the upcoming Hellblade, is planning to share some info on a different project early next week. The studio posted an update on Twitter teasing new details are on the way: #Hellblade development continues at full pace, but on... More
  • Blog Post: Ninja Theory To Detail Canceled, Unannounced Projects At GDC Europe

    Ninja Theory, the developer behind games like Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, and the recent Devil May Cry, is planning on showing some of its titles that never came to light at GDC Europe. Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades' keynote, The AAA Indie Proposition, will showcase... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus Members Get Two More Games On January 7

    Sony is starting 2014 with a big week for PlayStation Plus Members. When the store updates on January 7, the Instant Game Collection will get it’s first post-launch PlayStation 4 title and one of 2013’s most bombastic action games. Klei Entertainment’s crafty survival title Don’t... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Digital Versions Of Marvel Vs. Capcom To Disappear From XBL And PSN

    Update : A Capcom representative has responded to our request for clarification on the upcoming removal of Marvel vs. Capcom titles from digital services. "Retail copies are currently unaffected," we were told via email. "But no additional copies will be sold into retail channels moving... More
  • Blog Post: Giant Sony All-Stars Sale Discounts God of War, Sly Cooper, Metal Gear, And More

    Spring Fever is in full swing on the PlayStation Store, and this week sees huge discounts on a number of blockbuster franchises. The theme for this round is "PlayStation All-Stars Heritage," with discounts applied to a number of series with representatives in Sony's mascot fighter. In addition... More
  • Blog Post: Project X Zone Coming To North America In June

    Project X Zone, the 3DS Capcom/Sega/Namco Bandai strategy mash-up is coming to North America in June. The release date comes from Namco Bandai's official product page for the game, which shows the game releasing June 25. Namco Bandai has not officially announced a release date, so there is a chance... More
  • Blog Post: Devil May Cry's Vergil's Downfall DLC Gets A Release Date

    Along with a title update, Bloody Palace Mode, and the option to buy all of Devil May Cry's pre-order weapon variants, today Capcom also announced the release dates for Vergil's Downfall DLC. The title update and the Bloody Palace Mode (which you can see in the trailer below) are free and available... More
  • Blog Post: Good Things Are Happening At Capcom

    From a brand new IP to an exciting new chapter in Devil May Cry, Capcom has an intriguing and diverse lineup on tap through 2013 and beyond. Game Informer's Tim Turi made the sacrifice of leaving Minneapolis in February for San Francisco, where he dived deep into Capcom's upcoming offerings.... More
  • Blog Post: Devil May Cry's Bloody Palace DLC Arriving Next Week

    We've known for over a month that Devil May Cry would be receiving a Bloody Palace DLC pack after launch, but a release date has now been confirmed. A new post over at Capcom Unity confirms that it will be hitting PSN on Tuesday the 19th and Xbox Live the next day. In addition to the 100-stage Bloody... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Revising RE 6 & DMC Figures

    Capcom has already warned that sales for Resident Evil 6 were lower than expected during the release window, and now the company has revealed the new targets for both Resident Evil 6 as well as Devil May Cry. Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 6 is expected to ship five million worldwide before... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 02/1/13

    The Super Bowl is on Sunday, and that means one editor might visit the virtual gridiron, while others keep chipping away at recently released titles like The Cave, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Far Cry 3. Jeff Marchiafava : Look, I’m going to get back to Far Cry 3 one of these days, so get off my... More
  • Blog Post: Dante's White Hair Coming To North America Later This Month

    We knew Dante's classic white hair and red jacket were coming to Japan as DLC , but now it looks like it is also coming to North America. Joystiq is reporting that DmC Devil May Cry's first DLC pack, which includes three costumes, including the Devil May Cry 3 look seen above, will be available... More
  • Blog Post: Fans (?) Petition White House To Have Devil May Cry Removed From Shelves

    Fresh off his election win and inauguration, President Obama faces a number of challenges: the fiscal cliff, defining his second term, gun legislation, and helping to improve the lives of the citizens of this country only being a few. But according to a handful of petitioners, he also should remove Ninja... More
  • Blog Post: Are You Feeling Better About Dante's Redesign?

    When the new Devil May Cry was revealed back in 2010, the Internet was not happy. Message boards were upset that a younger Dante didn't have white hair, and that he looked like he listened to Dashboard Confessional. A little over two years later, after lots of gameplay footage and trailers , the... More
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