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  • Blog Post: This Destiny Fan Poster Is As Good As The Real Deal

    DeviantART is a veritable treasure trove for high-quality fan art, and there’s no better example than dmorson ’s fan poster for Destiny. It recreates the essence of the game so well you'd swear it was released by Bungie. The poster below sticks to the formula we’ve seen in official... More
  • Blog Post: Los Santos Comes To Life In These Painstakingly-Made GTA V Dioaramas

    The Grand Theft Auto series revolutionized video games with its larger-than-life, but surprisingly detailed open worlds. Inspired by Rockstar’s craftsmanship, DeviantART’s ddjunior shows us miniatures can be just as detailed with his meticulously crafted dioramas of some of Los Santos’... More
  • Blog Post: Commander Shepard And Garrus' Relationship Explored In Fan Art

    I'm a big fan of video game April Fools' jokes. Developers and journalists alike put great effort into the pranks, usually roasting their fans and readership in the process. This year, one April Fools' joke that went over my head. It was BioWare's body pillow of Garrus , one of Commander... More
  • Blog Post: Assassin's Creed Fan Art Makes Me Hope The Next Entry Goes To China

    DeviantArt user ChaoyuanXu has posted an impressive collection of Assassin's Creed art pieces that imagine the series taking place in China. They have actually been online for about a month, so by Internet standards they are actually a bit old, but they are definitely worth sharing if you haven't... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out The Hero Crossing Death Mountain And Super Sisters

    DeviantART artist rollingrabbit has a number of really impressive video game related pieces (that you should totally check out). These two give you a pretty great idea of what to expect! The Hero Crossing Death Mountain might look familiar. That’s because it is inspired by Jacques-Louis David’s... More
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