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  • Blog Post: Developer Pack DLC Comes To Metro: Last Light

    The Developer Pack, which allows players to "re-design" the gameplay of Metro: Last Light, is available now. The Developer Pack allows players to experiment with all of the guns and their assorted attachments in a shooting range, pit AI monsters and soldiers against one another, and examine... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Full Unity Support Coming To Xbox One Next Year

    Update: It was reported recently that Unity support was coming to Xbox One this year. Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason has offered a clarifying statement that Unity will be available for Xbox One next year. Here is the statement from Helgason: During an interview with OXM in July, I misspoke and... More
  • Blog Post: DS Developer Heading To Jail For Tax Fraud, Racketeering

    Game developer David Rushton, former head of the handheld studio Sensory Sweep, has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for tax fraud and racketeering. Judge Robin Reese of the Third District Court in Utah handed down the sentence, and also ordered Rushton to pay $516,816 in restitution. "Failing... More
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