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  • Blog Post: Destiny Servers Go Down Temporarily, Recent PSN Attackers Taking Credit

    The issues were quickly resolved, but Destiny's servers were down temporarily earlier, and t hose who recently attacked PSN and Xbox Live are taking credit. If you were having trouble connecting to Destiny – we had problems on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game –... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Sales Top $325 Million Worldwide, Over 100 Million Hours Played So Far

    Last week, Activision touted that over $500 million copies of Destiny have been shipped to retail. Today, we know that a majority of those have been sold through to customers. The publisher announced sales of $325 million in the game’s first week. This puts sales estimates at over 5 million copies... More
  • Blog Post: The Latest Destiny Update Is A Minor One

    Destiny will be getting updated frequently adding and tweaking major and small elements of the game as we move forward. This latest update falls into the small category. The latest patch offers the following changes: Engineering Fixes for Xbox One bootflow issues Changes in network configuration to improve... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Destiny's Vault Of Glass Raid Has Been Defeated

    Update: The first confirmed successful Vault of Glass run has been reported. The PrimeGuard clan has provided photographic evidence of its victory. PROOF pic.twitter.com/VzG954il9m — PRIMEGUARD (@PrimeGuardHQ) September 16, 2014 Bungie has acknowledged the success on its own Twitter account, also... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny’s Vault Of Glass Raid Opens At 2 A.M. Pacific Tonight

    If you’re a night owl on the west coast or an early bird on the east, you can plan to jump into Destiny’s first raid as soon as it opens. We hope you’re ready though, because even though you can access it at lower than level 26, you probably shouldn’t. The Vault of Glass raid... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie President Harold Ryan And Team Answer Questions About Destiny’s Servers And The ‘Centipede’ Error

    In the wake of Destiny’s launch last week, we had the opportunity to chat by email with Bungie president Harold Ryan. With Destiny now officially the largest new IP launch in history in the UK (according to GfK Chart Track), we wanted to know about the way forward as Bungie squashes bugs and tunes... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Is The Largest New IP Launch In UK History

    Activision’s big bet on Destiny is starting to pay off. The company announced last week that the title has shipped $500 million worth of units to retail . Today, another milestone has been announced. According GfK Chart Track , Destiny is the biggest new IP launch in history in the UK. Earlier... More
  • Blog Post: Better Gear Up, Guardian. High Level Destiny Events Are Coming Soon

    Today kicks off the first of Bungie’s timed events for Destiny, with more planned over the coming weeks. If you’ve completed the story and have been polishing your skills in the crucible, you’ll soon have new objectives to pursue. From September 12 through 14, Bungie has a special weekend... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Is Destiny Living Up To Your Hype?

    With Activision announcing that Destiny has sold-in $500 million worth of product to retailers, it’s clear that the game is going to make investors happy. But that isn’t the same thing as delighting gamers. Now that you’ve had a few days with the game, we’re curious to hear your... More
  • Blog Post: Activision's Destiny Boasts $500 Million In Sales To Stores

    Activision likes to go big on its franchises, and it looks like Destiny is set to join the company's elite ranks alongside Call of Duty. Activision says that Destiny has sold more than $500 million worldwide to stores. While revenue to stores and through bundles isn't as impressive as the amount... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Says Destiny Is Getting The First-Party Treatment

    Bungie's latest spacefaring adventure has garnered a lot of attention, and players aren't the only ones who are taking notice. Sony and Microsoft have been squabbling over the Activision-published game, with Microsoft taking a shot at its competitor's exclusive deals via a bizarre UK ad for... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Destiny Class Are You Starting With?

    In just a few hours, Destiny will unlock for those of us here in North America. After a successful alpha and beta test with millions of players, the age old question has bubbled under the surface, as it does with every RPG. What class are you playing first? Perhaps you’ll pick up the knife and... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Celebrates Destiny Launch With A Visit From A Fallen Ship

    You may only know them as the first Destiny enemies we were introduced to, but The Fallen are much more than early game scrubs. These multi-armed menaces are space pirates and mercenaries that have taken root on the Earth and Moon. You (and your guns) will become quite familiar with them in the coming... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Hunter Knife Looks Like The Perfect Prop For Throwing

    Melee attacks in first-person shooters tend to be pretty mundane (no, we’re not talking about you, Gears of War). Whether you’re hitting people with the butt of a gun or thrusting your leg in an awkward kick, they don’t always feel quite satisfying. And then there’s Destiny…... More
  • Blog Post: Here’s What’s Included In The Destiny Day One Patch

    Destiny is out tomorrow (though if you have an early retail copy, the servers are live right now). Bungie has made some tweaks since the game was pressed, and the studio is rolling out a patch to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date experience. Included in the lengthy patch notes, Bungie says... More
  • Blog Post: Where's Our Destiny Review?

    Bungie's massively multiplayer shooter, Destiny, releases tomorrow. The servers are live right now . Everything appears to be ready, but there's one thing missing: reviews. If you're waiting to see an official score before picking up the game, you have to wait a bit longer. In Bungie's... More
  • Blog Post: The Destiny Servers Are Live

    Bungie has formally announced the opening of the Destiny servers in advance of the game’s September 9 release. If you happen to have an early copy, you should be free to move about the solar system. This morning, Activision also announced that Destiny is the most pre-ordered new IP in gaming history... More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: September 7 - 13

    We might as well call this week's "New Releases" the "Destiny Edition," because there's not much else coming out. With most publishers giving Activision and Bungie a wide berth, you've got another week to catch up on your backlog, play hockey, or (like we expect many people... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny Releases On Tuesday, Don't Forget About Our Hub

    Back in January, Destiny graced our cover, and along with it came a huge number of stories and features covering the development of the game. With Destiny's impending release on Tuesday, now is the perfect time to revisit all of our coverage. Click here or click the banner below to check out the... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Will Allow You To Upgrade Destiny To The New-Gen Version For Free

    Talk about an 11th hour announcement. Activision and Bungie have announced an upgrade program for Destiny that will give you new-gen versions of digital copies and add-on content with the purchase of the game and DLC on last-gen systems. The deal works within the same console family (Xbox 360 to Xbox... More
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