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  • Blog Post: Penn Jillette Is Remaking Desert Bus For Virtual Reality With Randy Pitchford

    Desert Bus is one of the most ridiculous games ever made, as it simulated a ride from L.A. to Vegas in real time. But the game's tedium hasn’t stopped gamers from marathoning the driving simulator for charity . Soon, this bus trip will be getting a VR update thanks to magician Penn Jillette... More
  • Blog Post: Desert Bus For Hope Charity Live Stream 8 Happening Now

    Desert Bus for Hope, the charity live stream that marathons the infamous Desert Bus video game every year, is currently running its eight marathon. Over the course of its many marathons, which began in 2007, the charity has raised a lifetime total of more than $2 million, all donated to Child's Play... More
  • Blog Post: Now You Can Take Desert Bus On The Road

    Desert Bus is one of gaming's most notorious titles, putting players in the oversized seat of a bus driver on the Tuscon to Las Vegas route. The concept of the game, which appeared on the officially unreleased Sega CD game Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors, is simple: Drive the route in real... More
  • Blog Post: Penn Jillette Is Tired Of The Video Game Bulls***

    Penn Jillette is a master entertainer. For years he and his partner Raymond Teller have been wowing audiences through their live magic act and various television appearances. In a recent episode of the duo’s Showtime program, Bulls***, the two explored the hot topic of video game violence. In issue... More
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