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  • Blog Post: Dear Esther Developer Accepts Position With Valve

    Robert Briscoe, a developer with The Chinese Room, the team behind the PC indie game Dear Esther, recently accepted a position with Valve. In a post on his personal blog , Briscoe writes over the course of the last 11 months he has been in process of applying for a US work Visa so he could relocate to... More
  • Blog Post: Dear Esther Developer's Next Game Coming To PS4 [Updated With Screens]

    British indie developer The Chinese Room will be bringing its post-apocalyptic adventure game Everybody's Gone To The Rapture to PS4. The Chinese Room is best known for its experimental indie hit Dear Esther, and is working on Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, a sequel to Frictional Games' acclaimed... More
  • Blog Post: Humble Indie Bundle 8 Adds Four Additional Games

    The eighth Humble Indie Bundle has added four new games to its line-up, including Tiny & Big in Grandpa's Leftovers and Intrusion 2. Oil Rush and English Country Tune have also been added, along with their soundtracks. If you've already purchased Humble Indie Bundle 8 , these games will automatically... More
  • Blog Post: Humble Indie Bundle 8 Released

    The eighth Humble Indie Bundle launched today, stuffed with variety and wrapped in the usual pay-what-you-want package. It includes Little Inferno, Awesomenauts, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, and Dear Esther. Those who pay more than the average price – currently $5.68 – will also receive Hotline... More
  • Blog Post: Dear Esther Keeps Selling

    It's always a feel good story when indie games find commercial success. Dear Esther writer Dan Pinchbeck says the developer sold 250,000 copies of the game to date. The studio notes on its blog the recent 50 percent off Steam sale boosted sales immensely. They sold 118,000 copies in just 48 hours... More
  • Blog Post: Dear Esther Already Making Money

    The critically acclaimed, interactive story Dear Esther was profitable after only six hours of launching last week. The developer said today that within one week they've sold over 50,000 copies. "This is great, as it shows that there’s a real audience for this type of work, and responses... More
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