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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is Your Favorite Gaming Weapon?

    Video games are filled with exotic locations, creatures, and ways to attack those creatures. Many of the ways we annihilate the bad guys in video games would never work in reality, but that's why video games are fun. What are some of your favorite video game weapons? Personally – and I know... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion – What Did You Pick Up On Black Friday?

    Yesterday saw a number of really great video game deals online and in crowded stores. Did you grab anything? Did you grab anything from our what should you buy on Black Friday feature ? Did you find some amazing deals? Or did you just happen to pay normal price for a game you've been looking forward... More
  • Blog Post: Dallas Actor Jesse Metcalfe Stars In Dead Rising: Watchtower

    Legendary Digital Media is producing a film based on Capcom's zombie-filled Dead Rising franchise, and it will feature a star-studded cast...the kind of dimly lit stars that you need a telescope to see. Earlier this summer, news broke that the Dead Rising film would debut on Sony's video-on-demand... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Dead Rising Movie Gets A Director

    The Dead Rising movie, which was revealed to be in the works earlier this summer , has a director. News of the director comes from The Wrap which points to Zach Lipovsky as being in charge of the movie adaptation of Capcom's other zombie series. Lipovsky directed the film Leprechaun: Origins , but... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising Movie Adaptation To Be Made For Sony's Crackle Service

    Legendary Pictures is creating a movie based on Capcom's Dead Rising franchise which will release first on Sony's video-on-demand service Crackle. Variety reports that the film will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (who had a hand in creating the blockbuster Transformers film franchise)... More
  • Blog Post: Last Day For Free Zelda: Four Swords, First Day For Free Dead Island

    Nintendo's free digital copy of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords for 3DS promotion ends today, and Xbox Live's free digital copy of Dead Island has just begin. It’s the last day to download Four Swords Anniv. Ed. for free in the #eShop on #3DS . Grab your Pegasus Boots and hurry! #4Swords4Days4Free... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2, Case 0 Free Today For Xbox Live Gold Members

    Here's a quick reminder: Microsoft has pushed the start button on its Dead Rising 2 and Case 0 promotions , which means that Xbox Live Gold members can now pick up the two games at no charge, beyond the price of a Gold membership. These are timed, and you have two weeks to take advantage of the deal... More
  • Blog Post: No Zombies Allowed In Capcom Vancouver's Upcoming Project

    Dead Rising 2 developer Capcom Vancouver (formerly known as Blue Castle) is hiring for its next project, but you should temper your expectations if you're hoping to be a part of the next zombie apocalypse. Development on the upcoming game is just beginning, so there aren't any juicy details embedded... More
  • Blog Post: Blur Studios Employee Lists Dead Rising 3 On Resume

    The dormant Dead Rising series could be lurching toward gamers again if a resume entry is to be believed. An animator at Blur Studios has listed the unannounced Dead Rising 3 among his credits on LinkedIn. The animation rigger lists other projects, such as Guardians of Middle Earth, Halo 4, and Dark... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising's Frank West Preparing For New Adventure

    The protagonist of the original Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Frank West, may be popping up in another title. Capcom, on its Dead Rising Facebook page, posted this teasing note: "I’m getting packing [ sic ] for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What... More
  • Blog Post: Have An Off The Record Zombie BBQ For Just Two Bucks

    If you already own Dead Rising 2 Off The Record, the selection of undead grilling equipment shown off in the video below can be yours for just two dollars. The BBQ Chef skill pack comes with four clothing items: the BBQ Chef Hat, Face, Apron, and Sandals. A few unusual perks also come with this DLC pack... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Details Plans For New York Comic-Con

    Capcom plans on having a significant presence at the New York Comic-Con, which they're kicking off tonight with a " Fright Club " event that features playable Dead Rising and Resident Evil stations. They've also detailed their plans for the actual show, which includes a large booth... More
  • Blog Post: Review Round-Up: Aliens, Sesame Street, And More

    Today's game releases are a testament to how much variety there truly is in contemporary gaming. Whether your tastes run toward racing, flying, learning, or killing zombies, you'll find something new on store shelves today. Take a look at our reviews for today's new releases. Be sure to click... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising Lurches Into The World Of Comics

    San Diego Comic-Con is taking place this week in California, which makes news that Capcom's Dead Rising is being turned into a comic particularly timely. IDW's four-issue series, Dead Rising: Road to Fortune bridges the gap between the end of the first Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2's downloadable... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man Creator Inafune Planning PS3 RPG

    The producer behind Resident Evil and Mega Man has at least two new projects in the wings. A recent report by Bloomberg left gamers with some tantalizing details about Inafune's upcoming projects. The former Capcom game creator says that he's working on two new projects. One of them is a social... More
  • Blog Post: Inafune: Capcom Resisted New IP

    At a recent seminar at a university in Kyoto, former Capcom R&D head and Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune revealed a few interesting tidbits about his former employer. Inafune said that at the end of the PlayStation 2 era, the company had a declared intent to have 70-80 percent of its games as... More
  • Blog Post: Frank West Cut From MvC 3, Phoenix Wright Considered

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds contains some awesome Capcom characters such as Arthur from Ghouls 'N Ghosts and Amaterasu from Okami. However, some key Capcom franchises are missing representatives, like Dead Rising and Phoneix Wright. Producer Ryota Niitsuma recently explained that Frank... More
  • Blog Post: Inafune Starts Blog, Wants To Make Games

    After a short stint of radio silence, Mega Man creator and ex-Capcom staffer Keiji Inafune has emerged via a personal blog. On it, he talks about what kinds of games he wishes to make, and extending his reach beyond software. According to andriasang , he says he wants to make games. He clarifies this... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2 Ships Two Million Units Worldwide

    Well, it looks as though Dead Rising 2 is a certified hit...on store shelves at least. Capcom has announced that it's hit a goal of shipping two million units worldwide since the sequel's September release. All told, the Dead Rising franchise has shipped four million copies total worldwide, between... More
  • Blog Post: Zombie Pub Crawl VI: It Just Won’t Die

    Are you sick of zombies yet? Becoming an annual tradition, several GI staffers made their way to Zombie Pub Crawl VI: It Just Won’t Die this past Saturday. Attendance skyrocketed this year, with over 12,000 undead wandering the streets of Minneapolis when we arrived on the scene early in the evening... More
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