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  • Blog Post: Xbox.com Updated To Include Xbox One Details, Video Shows Dashboard In Action

    Xbox.com has been updated and now includes an Xbox One coat of paint. There is also a new video that shows the dashboard in action. You will have to head here to see the video as there is no simple way to embed it. The video shows the world's most fickle entertainment media consumer as he moves from... More
  • Blog Post: Tour The Xbox 360's New Dashboard

    Microsoft is not afraid to shake things up when it comes to the Xbox 360's user interface. An update brings a fresh look to your 360 this Tuesday, bringing big changes to the way you navigate the console. This video tour by Gamesradar highlights the big changes to the UI. The biggest differences... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Dashboard Preview Sign-Ups Begin

    Want to test the upcoming dashboard update for Xbox 360? Microsoft announced today that registration has opened for all users. Select dashboard features available during the program include: • New design for integrated Kinect and controller navigation • New Beacons to play online with friends... More
  • Blog Post: Footage Of Xbox 360's Fall Update Apparently Leaked

    Some footage of the upcoming Xbox 360 fall update has apparently leaked online. While the text is all in French, you'll still get the gist of it. It's a dead ringer for the updated UI that Microsoft showed off at E3 , though the background looks slightly different. As far as new functionality... More
  • Blog Post: Eight Little Things You May Not Have Known About The Xbox 360 Fall Update

    Microsoft has released a list of smaller improvements to the 360 dashboard outside of the major stuff like a UI redesign, Netflix search, and ESPN streaming video. Check it out: Improved voice quality – the audio codec is being updated to improve Xbox LIVE Party chat audio quality. So grab your... More
  • Blog Post: Hands On With The 360's Latest Update

    Microsoft is rolling out its latest update in a few weeks, and we had the chance to get our hands on it early. It’s best to think of it as the tardy companion of the one that released a few months ago; it adds several high-profile features, but it’s not anything particularly revolutionary... More
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