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  • Blog Post: Dragon Age: Those Who Speak Hits This Wednesday

    Dragon Age III rumors are swirling across the Internet, but it won't be the next Dragon Age story BioWare tells. This Wednesday marks the release of Dragon Age: Those Who Speak , a new Dark Horse comic book series penned by David Gaider, the head writer of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. Dark... More
  • Blog Post: The Art Of Portal 2 Book Announced

    Valve and Dark Horse are teaming up the bring out The Art of Portal 2 book, coming October 31, 2012. The 184-page hardcover collectible features concept art, sketches, renders, and commentary from the game's developers. It was announced last night at the Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, Wash. No... More
  • Blog Post: Oh Miranda! Mass Effect: Redemption's Final Cover Exposed

    Never fear, fellow readers. I have no intention of taunting you again (although I did get a big kick out of it). Today, I'm here to simply show you a piece of artwork. The image above is the cover art for the fourth (and final) issue of the Mass Effect: Redemption comic book series. If you played... More
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