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  • Blog Post: Kalypso Announces Cult Of The Dead DLC For Dark

    Dark, a game we said was, "a frustrating mess," is getting some DLC. Cult of the Dead follows the continuing adventures of Eric Bane, picking up where the story left off, as he learns about the mysterious Book of the Dead, which gives players the power to control death and its creatures. The... More
  • Blog Post: Dark's Supernatural Pre-Order Swag

    Kalypso Media has announced the pre-order items for Dark – a stealth title with supernatural vampire powers. Pre-ordering the game at retailers like GameStop will get you: The game (it comes for Xbox 360 and PC this summer) A strategy guide Digital copies of the game's theme song and a remix... More
  • Blog Post: New Dark Trailer Unveils A Dark Hero

    Kalypso Media presents the new Dark trailer, which tells the story of Eric Bane, a newly-born vampire discovering all of the mysteries of himself and who he has become. Use Eric’s vampire powers to explore the world, evade enemies and stealthily attack those who endanger you, and discover the secrets... More
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