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  • Blog Post: Dan Bull's BioShock Infinite Rap

    British rapper Dan Bull has made a name for himself in gaming circles with video game-inspired rap songs based on titles like Skyrim and Minecraft . Now, he's turned his attention to Irrational's epic BioShock Infinite. As always, the results are pretty funky. Warning: Contains Spoilers Source... More
  • Blog Post: Dan Bull Follows Up Skyrim Rap With New Minecraft-Inspired Jam

    Frankly, I usually find "nerdcore" about as appealing as a trip to the dentist, but British rapper Dan Bull has skills. He already wowed gamers with his song "Skyrim Epic Rap," and now he's celebrating Minecon with a new Minecraft-inspired tune. This video is impressive on two... More
  • Blog Post: Skyrim Rap Jam-Packed With Braggadocio, Dragons

    If all of your verses begin with the line "My name is ____, and I'm here to say," you are probably not a very talented rap artist. Even if you're beyond that skill level, rapper Dan Bull says that you are not very good. He makes these claims and more in a track based around (what else... More
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