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  • Blog Post: Footage Of Unannounced Cryptic Studios Project Could Be Jurassic World Tie-In

    Earlier this year, it was rumored that Cryptic Studios’ Seattle location had been shut down by owner Perfect World. Today footage from a number of former employees appears to point to one of the studio’s unreleased projects. The video and images that have appeared show dinosaurs and other... More
  • Blog Post: Leonard Nimoy Memorial Statues Go Up In Star Trek Online

    Following the sad news of Leonard Nimoy's passing , Star Trek fans across the web gave their tributes to the actor behind Spock. To honor the actor, Cryptic Studios, the team behind Star Trek Online, has added Leonard Nimoy memorial statues to specific parts of the in-game universe. The update, which... More
  • Blog Post: Neverwinter: Elemental Evil Emerges From The Shadows

    Perfect World and Cryptic Studios today announced the pending arrival of the newest and largest expansion to date for Neverwinter. The new content is said to be on target for release in early 2015. Elemental Evil expands the number of classes out to eight with the addition of the paladin, a holy warrior... More
  • Blog Post: Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons Launch Date Announced

    The upcoming fourth module for Perfect World Entertainment’s Neverwinter, Tyranny of Dragons, will launch on August 14. The PC free-to-play action-MMORPG set in the popular Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe continues to roll out content. “This is a pivotal year for Dungeons... More
  • Blog Post: Neverwinter: Launch Date, End-Game, And First Expansion Revealed

    Perfect World and Cryptic Studios brought out all the guns today in an official announcement regarding the Dungeons & Dragons free MMORPG, Neverwinter . The game has been in open beta since April, but will officially launch on June 20, 2013. June 20 also marks the release date of Gauntlgrym, the... More
  • Blog Post: Neverwinter Open Beta Weekend Dates Announced

    Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have announced the dates for the Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG's open beta weekends including Feb. 8-10, Mar. 8-10, and Mar. 22-24. Visit the website to register for a chance to be selected to participate in the beta weekends. Alongside the beta weekends... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Online Free-To-Play Transition Date Announced

    The Trekkie game is not-so-boldly going where many MMOs have gone before sooner than you'd think. As we previously reported , once Perfect World acquired developer Cryptic Studios, it decided to transition Star Trek Online to a free-to-play business model supported by micro transactions. Today on... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Online Going Free-To-Play

    Last year Cryptic publicly said that it was considering making Star Trek Online free-to-play like its Champions Online, and now Cryptic's parent company, Perfect World, has decided to make it so. Gamasutra reports that during a financial conference call, Perfect World CFO Kelvin Lau unveiled Star... More
  • Blog Post: Ex-Blizzard, Cryptic Developer Bill Roper To Head Marvel Games Division At Disney

    Bill Roper has a long and storied career in gaming, and now he's taking his talents to Disney Interactive, where he'll oversee the company's future Marvel Comics-based video games. Blizzard fans know Roper well, for his role and producer and voice actor in such classics as Warcraft: Orcs... More
  • Blog Post: Atari Trying to Sell Cryptic Studios

    Atari acquired Cryptic Studios back in 2008, but their brief partnership is coming to an end. Atari has announced it is trying sell the studio. In an earnings report, Atari said the move was part of a larger strategy to own fewer in-house developers as well as move to mobile and casual online titles... More
  • Blog Post: Champions Online Free-To-Play Features Detailed

    Cryptic has posted the full comparison between "gold" accounts (a.k.a. the soon-to-be-former subscription model) and free-to-play accounts in handy chart form. Notably, you'll be able to play through all of Champions' current content all the way to level cap and beyond without paying... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Online Could Go Free To Play

    Last month developer Cryptic Studios announced that their one-year-old MMO, Champions Online, was going free to play . The company has recently announced that if the game's new business model proves successful, they may make their other MMO, Star Trek Online, free as well. "We're not sold... More
  • Blog Post: Champions Online Goes Free To Play

    Little over a month ago developer Cryptic Studios made MMO Champions Online free to play for a week to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. Now it's going to be free permanently. Starting in some unspecified time in the first quarter of next year (with a beta for the new model starting... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Online Beta Patched

    The beta version of Star Trek Online continues to boldly go in some new directions with a huge new patch. Players of the new Star Trek Online beta have had some pretty severe restrictions placed on them for these first several days of exploration, including a level cap of 16 that effectively halted forward... More
  • Blog Post: Star Trek Online: The First Two Hours

    Star Trek Online has entered open beta, and we've dug into the first few hours of the eagerly anticipated MMO. Longtime Trek fans and new enthusiasts from last year's movie have high hopes riding on Cryptic's upcoming massively multiplayer sci-fi game. Star Trek Online is scheduled to release... More
  • Blog Post: Atari CEO Steps Down, Replacement Announced

    Atari has announced yet another CEO change, with David Gardner stepping down and being replaced by Jeff Lapin, the company’s former COO. Gardner, who was CEO for less than a year, will remain on the board of directors. His swift departure mirrors that of his predecessor, Patrick Leleu, who acted... More
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