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  • Blog Post: The Next Apple TV Supports Third-Party iOS Controllers

    Apple recently made a big deal about the game functionality of its newest Apple TV, but buried under the fine print on the company's website is one intriguing new detail that Apple didn’t touch on in its presentation. The that new Apple TV will support MFi (Made for iOS) video game controllers... More
  • Blog Post: Razer Announces Wildcat Xbox One Controller

    Third-party hardware maker Razer has announced a new Xbox One controller designed for tournament play. According to Razer, the Wildcat Xbox One controller is 25-percent lighter than other high-end controllers, and incorporates a variety of feedback from eSports competitors. Here's a full feature... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Collect Special Edition Accessories?

    Earlier today, Microsoft revealed its Xbox One Titanfall controller . It's a slick-looking piece of equipment, as are many special edition accessories. But is that enough to inspire you to purchase special edition gear? Companies use these unique designs to promote an upcoming release – like... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is The Best Controller Of All Time?

    Earlier today, we asked you to weigh in on your favorite controller from the current crop of hardware. That doesn't mean that the newest options are the best, though; this is your chance to reminisce about controllers from bygone generations. Did you prefer the simplicity of the Atari joystick? The... More
  • Blog Post: Apple Patents Reveal Possible Controller Functionality For iPhone

    Apple has become a major player in video games, and a new patent filing shows that the company is thinking about the possibility of the iPhone communicating with existing video game systems and controllers. Today, Apple filed patents on functionality relating to the iPhone and its AppleTV set-top box... More
  • Blog Post: Game Controller Evolution At A Glance

    Over the years, controllers have refined the number and location of joysticks and buttons. From the sparse beginnings to the glut of controllers in the early '90s, this image shows how your gamepads have influenced each other. The chart below (found on Reddit ) covers the obvious controllers like... More
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