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  • Blog Post: Special Edition Dusk And Copper Shadow Controllers On The Way For Xbox One

    Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb recently shared a pair of new Xbox One controller colors coming soon. A closer look at the new Xbox One Special Edition Dusk Shadow Wireless Controller https://t.co/ZlZK5t80pS https://t.co/aJLu0EiUpP — Larry Hryb (@majornelson) March 17, 2016... More
  • Blog Post: Valve Accepting Applications For The Steam Controller Developer Edition

    If you're a developer looking to design your game around the Steam Controller, Valve is now accepting applications to receive one. You can find the application here . The form asks about the game you're working on, your company, you're expected release date, and a few other items. If you're... More
  • Blog Post: Hands On With Microsoft's New Elite Controller

    Microsoft announced yesterday that it was releasing a new controller for the Xbox One and PC this October, and we were able to get our hands on the device, which is aimed squarely at pro-level players. When you pick it up, what's immediately apparent is that the Elite weighs a bit more than the standard... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] More Evidence Of Reworked Xbox One Controller Surfaces

    Update: While Microsoft isn't quite ready to talk about its revised Xbox One controller, it seems at least one retailer is. An image of a new "covert forces" deco controller has emerged on the website of Austrian retailer Libro. The box for the controller is also shown, clearly identifying... More
  • Blog Post: The Steam Controller Design Shows Another Tweak In Latest Client Beta

    The Steam Controller continues to evolve. Earlier this year, we reported that images in the Steam Client showed that the controller can support an analog stick . Now, it seems to share another feature with other input devices. As you can see above, the left haptic touch area appears to have a directional... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Which Controller Has The Best Control Stick?

    The control stick is your main input of interaction with video games. Which controller has the best one? Some people dislike the Nintendo 64, Wii, and GameCube's octagon control stick housing, but I've always been a fan. In fact, I was disappointed to see it removed for the Wii U. The circular... More
  • Blog Post: Report: 3DS Can Be Used As Wii Controller In Smash Bros.

    A gamer in Japan has posted a picture which indicates that the 3DS can be used as Wii U controller for Smash Bros. Kyle McLain posted the image below, along with the tweet : " Am I crazy, or does this say that if you connect your 3DS with your Wii U, that you can use your 3DS as a controller?"... More
  • Blog Post: Special Edition Armed Forces Xbox One Controller And Stereo Headset Coming Soon

    Microsoft has announced a matching Xbox One controller and stereo headset coming soon to Xbox One. The pair, which offers, "a modern camouflage pattern and military look," is available for pre-order now. You can head here for the controller and here for the headset. The former is $64.99 and... More
  • Blog Post: Scuf Announces Custom PlayStation 4 Controllers

    Scuf, a company specializing in custom controller modifications, has announced that it will begin shipping its PlayStation 4 controllers soon. The company has already made modified Xbox One controllers available. In addition to aesthetic customization, Scuf adds paddles to the underside of the controller... More
  • Blog Post: GameCube Controller Adapter And Special Smash Bros. Controller Arriving In Time For Release

    Briefly shown during a recent announcement, Nintendo has a price and a special bundle for using the GameCube controller on Wii U. The adapter, which allows you to use up to four GameCube controllers or Wavebirds, will be available for $19.99. A special Super Smash Bros. marked GameCube controller will... More
  • Blog Post: You Can Now Use Your Xbox One Controller On PC

    Microsoft has announced that Windows drivers for the Xbox One controller are now available. You can download them if you’re eager to make the switch, or you can wait for a Windows update coming in the near future. Any game that features support for the Xbox 360 gamepad is supported. You can download... More
  • Blog Post: Razer Jungelcat Is An Unobtrusive Gamepad For iOS Users

    As more developers tap the power of mobile devices, a number of things stand in the way of competing with handhelds and other gaming devices. Chief among those barriers is the absence of built-in tactile controls. Razer is entering the growing market with its new Junglecat, building on the companies... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Machine And Controller Moves To 2015

    In a posted update on Steam's Universe community page , Valve revealed the Steam Machine and its controller look like they won't make a 2014 release. The post from Valve's Eric Hope reads the controller is currently going through, "Live playtests, with everyone from industry professionals... More
  • Blog Post: PDP Releasing GameCube-Inspired Wii U Controller For Smash Bros.

    Many Smash Bros. fans point towards its GameCube entry (Melee) as the peak of the popular fighting series. As such, a good percentage of fans prefer the GameCube controller as their pad of choice. This option was still present with the Wii entry, Brawl, but the Wii U doesn't feature any GameCube... More
  • Blog Post: Special Arctic Camouflage Xbox 360 Controller Coming Soon

    Microsoft recently showcased a new arctic camouflage Xbox 360 controller design that should be arriving soon. You can find more images of the new controller on Microsoft's website by heading here . It features the typical wireless Xbox 360 controller features – a transforming d-pad, a 30 foot... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Announces Amazon Fire TV Media Device

    At an event today in New York City, Amazon announced its long anticipated media device. The Amazon Fire TV is a small box featuring a quad-core processor and a dedicated GPU similar to those found in smartphones. The Amazon Fire TV also includes 2 GB of RAM, dual-band WiFi, and comes with its own remote... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Images Of Amazon Bluetooth Controller Appear

    Last year, we reported on Amazon’s plans to develop its own Android-based set-top box for games and media. In that report, we indicated the company was in the process of developing its own controller. Images, obtained from Brazil's FCC-equivalent organization , show a controller with Android... More
  • Blog Post: Console Modder Creates One-Handed PS4 And Xbox One Controllers

    Ben Heck of element14 , who takes requests and creates videos for assorted console modifications, recently created one-handed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. The full walkthrough of Heck's PlayStation 4 controller creation will premiere on element14 on Friday, but you can check out a video... More
  • Blog Post: Here’s How To Update Your Xbox One Controller Firmware

    The March Xbox One update is rolling out to all users soon, bringing with it improved social support and Dolby Digital output over digital optical (for surround sound headsets). It also includes an update protocol for controllers , which should improve performance, especially in first-person shooters... More
  • Blog Post: Respawn And Microsoft Are Refining The Xbox One Controller

    Whether you’re planning on getting the limited edition Titanfall controller or will be using one you already have, your experience is about to get an upgrade. Respawn and Microsoft have been working together to improve controller responsiveness. When we were previewing Titanfall recently, we heard... More
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