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  • Blog Post: Blast Your Way Through Baddies With This Contra Action Figure Two-Pack

    NECA toy makers are blasting their way through another classic video gaming icon. A new Contra 2-Pack featuring Bill Rizer and Lance Bean is slated to release next year. The pack features Bill and Lance standing at seven inches tall, both sporting the standard unlimited ammo rifle and the bullet-spraying... More
  • Blog Post: Contra III: The Alien Wars GBA Port Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    Contra Advance, the Game Boy Advance port of the Super Nintendo Contra, is now available on Wii U Virtual Console. Contra Advance features new levels and graphics from the original Super Nintendo game, but strangely cut the overhead levels and the ability to wield two weapons. The original Super Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: Teens React To The Brutal Gauntlet That Is Contra For NES

    Contra for the NES is notoriously difficult – especially for young players who didn't grow up with Nintendo's console. Below, the folks over at React on YouTube have put together a compilation of teens trying out the game for the first time. They don't know the Konami code, or how to... More
  • Blog Post: Chewie Puts His Bowcaster To Use In Star Wars: Force Collection's Contra Minigame

    Konami has put a silly little minigame in its Star Wars: Force Collection collectible-card game. Chewbacca gets his own chance to shine thanks to an homage to the company's own NES game, Contra. It features nods to the classic game, including spread shots, spinning jumps, and behind-the-back sections... More
  • Blog Post: Album Takes Classic 8-Bit NES Tunes And Turns Them Into Lullabies

    From the folks who brought us a collection of lullabies based off of Mega Man tunes , comes a new album that broadens its reach. Instead of focusing on a single game , musician Mark Polydoris and brother looked to a number of different games like Super Mario Bros. 2, Contra, Duck Tales, Castlevania,... More
  • Blog Post: Contra III: The Alien Wars Now Available On The Wii U eShop

    One of the 16-bit era's best co-op games is now available on the Wii U's virtual console. The typical Wii U Virtual Console pricing structure applies here: the game is $7.99, but if you purchased and downloaded the game for your Wii, then you will only have to pay $1.50 to upgrade to the Wii... More
  • Blog Post: New Contra Game Trademarked

    Konami has filed a trademark application for "Contra Run and Gun." Spotted on NeoGAF, the full details of the application can be seen in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) case viewer, though all it really says is that Contra Run and Gun is, indeed, a potential name for a... More
  • Blog Post: Super Mario Crossover 3.0 Adds Mario's Most Obscure Levels

    A new update to Super Mario Crossover, the popular flash game that lets you play as other iconic NES characters in Super Mario Bros., is getting an update that will add new levels. The new levels come from an obscure Japan-only port of Super Mario Bros. that released for the Sharp X1 and the NEC-PC8801... More
  • Blog Post: MercurySteam Wants To Do Contra

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadows franchise developers Mercury Steam don't want to be known as just that. Producer Dave Cox says the studio wants to take on Contra next. Speaking to VG24/7 , Cox said that he doesn't want the studio to be just known for one thing. "Like I said, I know there’s... More
  • Blog Post: Konami Teases New Contra Game

    At the very end of its pre-E3 press video, Konami gave its fans an exciting tease of things to come. Following the end of the presentation, a fireball curved through the screen, eventually forming the iconic Contra "C" logo. Under the logo, it said "They're Coming." While that... More
  • Blog Post: New Character In Hard Corps Uprising

    The new Contra game is now up to three downloadable characters. Learn about the newest addition after the jump. For anyone who has already played through Hard Corps: Uprising, you've probably gotten beaten down by Bahamut's old brother-in-arms, the mysterious soldier named Leviathan. With the... More
  • Blog Post: Hard Corps: Uprising In February

    Microsoft has had good luck with their Xbox Live Arcade promotions. The approach lets them highlight some of the better (or at least higher profile) downloadable games coming out in a given year. This year's House Party promotion is now set to kick off with what amounts to the next Contra game, entitled... More
  • Blog Post: These Hard Corps: Uprising Screens Look Like Anime Contra

    And that's a good thing! Take this classic Contra gateway boss. In the game you blast away at the turrets, main cannon, and soldiers that emerge from up top. Classic Contra-style battles run rampant in Hard Corps: Uprising , but the main characters are even more agile and deadly than Bill and Lance... More
  • Blog Post: Expendables Facebook Game Ripped Right Out Of Contra's Playbook

    More than likely, you already have a Facebook account by now. After you're done updating your status to something stupid, why not do something useful with it? Something like, say, playing an old-school side-scroller that plays surprisingly well. Lionsgate has created a game to tie in with the upcoming... More
  • Blog Post: Future Incarnation Of Super Mario Crossover Could Have More Characters

    We were all blown away by Jay Pavlina's epic Flash-based Super Mario mash-up , but it's only a portion of what the talented programmer had planned for the game. In an interview with GameXplain , Pavlina reveals that there were a couple more characters he intended to include in the game, which... More
  • Blog Post: Play Super Mario Bros. As Mega Man, Link, Samus, And More

    Normally we don't post news stories about flash games, but Super Mario Crossover is so well-made we had to take notice. It's the original Super Mario Bros., but in addition to the titular plumber you can play as NES-era Link, Mega Man, Samus, Contra Guy (a.k.a. Bill), and Simon Belmont. It's... More
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