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  • Blog Post: Xbox Hardware Evolution Chart

    See how the Xbox console hardware has evolved across three generations with this handy chart. Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One CPU 733 MHz x86 Intel Pentium III-based 3.2 GHz IBM PowerPC tri-core 8-Core AMD CPU (speed unknown) GPU 233 MHz Custom nVidia NV2A 500 MHz custom ATi design Custom-built AMD hardware RAM... More
  • Blog Post: Video Compares Aliens Demo With Final Product

    We're trying not to beat a dead horse with the whole " Aliens: Colonial Marines is terrible " thing, but there's a lot to be said about the situation. The folks over at VideoGamer.com have put together a great video today that showcases the drastic differences between early demos of... More
  • Blog Post: A Visual Comparison Of Modern Warfare's Wii Debut And The Original

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex brings the immensely popular COD4 experience to the Wii on November 10th, alongside its sequel that's hitting the PS3 and 360. The original version is still played online by a huge amount of gamers, and Reflex will include the entire perk-filled multiplayer experience... More
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