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  • Blog Post: Gungoose Coming To Halo 2 Multiplayer For The Master Chief Collection

    Halo 2 is getting a new vehicle - sort of. Developer 343 Industries has announced that it's bringing the Mongoose, a classic vehicle from Halo 3, 4, and Reach, to Halo 2. However, the ATV is getting an important upgrade. You can see the full concept below that shows the Gungoose, named as such due... More
  • Blog Post: The Internet's Expanding List Of Every Video Game Ever

    A group of 4chan users are attempting to compile a list of every video game, ever. So far they have 43,806 entries. You can find the expanding list here on Pastebin . The list aims to be comprehensive, including small mobile and browser games as well as console and PC releases. Long-term plans for the... More
  • Blog Post: Sly Collection For Vita Appears On ESRB Rating Site

    The Sly Cooper Collection, which gathers Sly Coopers 1, 2, and 3 in high-defintion, may be coming to PlayStation Vita. The collection has been rated for Sony's handheld on the ESRB rating site . This comes after the news that the Jak and Daxter collection is heading to Vita . For some of our thoughts... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Jak And Daxter Collection ESRB Rated For PlayStation Vita

    A listing on the ESRB website has appeared for the Jak and Daxter Collection on PlayStation Vita. All three Jak and Daxter games release in one high-definition package for PlayStation 3 last year, and it was very well executed . I know I certainly wouldn't mind playing those games on portable device... More
  • Blog Post: Hitman Trilogy HD Launch Trailer

    The Hitman Trilogy HD collection gathers the three previous Hitman games (and ignores the first in the series for some unexplained reason) and it releases tomorrow. You will be able to play HD versions of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, and Hitman: Blood Money. Blood Money released for... More
  • Blog Post: Museum of Modern Art Adds 14 Games To Collection

    Are game art? According to New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art they are; the museum just added 14 games to its collection, and says more will follow. According to the MOMA's website, this initial acquisition of games will be a " the seedbed for an initial wish list of about 40 to... More
  • Blog Post: Japan's Final Fantasy Collection Inspires Jealousy

    In honor of Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary, Japan is getting a comprehensive (and expensive) special edition collection of Final Fantasy games. The collection includes every Final Fantasy game, except for XIV, X-2, and XIII-2, and a number bonus discs all for about $450. Square-Enix hasn't... More
  • Blog Post: EA Releasing 17-Game Command And Conquer Collection

    Can you believe the Command and Conquer series has been around 17 years now? EA decided to celebrate in style by announcing a 17-game collection. As an additional perk, buyers will receive early beta access for the Frostbite 2 powered Command & Conquer, set for 2013. All the Command and Conquer games... More
  • Blog Post: How Are You Managing Your Collection?

    I'm an avid game collector, and my pile has grown significantly over the past decade or so. OK, it's not a pile. That's the point of this discussion. Are you organizing your collection in any special way? In terms of how things go on my shelves, I don't think I'm blazing any new territory;... More
  • Blog Post: Get Eight Capcom XBLA Games On One Disc

    Over the years, Capcom has released some impressive content on Xbox Live Arcade. Today the publisher announced that it will compile eight of its downloadable titles and sell them on retail shelves. Dubbed the Capcom Digital Collection, the disc will be Xbox 360-exclusive and cost $39.99 (no release date... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Celebrates God Of War: Origins Collection's Release With A Trailer

    When Kratos celebrates, he does so in an appropriately depraved bacchanalian fashion. Sony, on the other hand, marks special occasions (like today's release of the latest God of War compilation) with video. God of War: Origins Collection on PS3 contains both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta... More
  • Blog Post: Is A God of War Master Collection Coming?

    Kratos kicked off the HD remake trend with the God of War Collection, but he may be coming back with a definitive anthology that collects all five of the God of War games. According to a listing on Amazon.de , the God of War Master Collection contains God of War I, II, and III along with the two handheld... More
  • Blog Post: Uncharted Collection Coming In July

    To set the stage for its upcoming blockbuster Uncharted 3, Sony is going to be releasing the Uncharted Collection, which bundles the first two adventures of Nathan Drake. A product listing (now removed) appeared on the Best Buy website this morning. CVG spotted it , and got confirmation that the title... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: God Of War Portable Collection On PS3?

    The God of War Collection (which included the two PS2 entries remastered in HD) was a huge hit on PS3. Now a similar treatment may be in the works for the two PSP installments. According to The Magic Box , Ready At Dawn's handheld entries in the series (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) are... More
  • Blog Post: Early Dragon Quests Coming To Wii In Japan

    To commemorate the blockbuster series' 25th anniversary, Square Enix has revealed that a Dragon Quest collection will be hitting Japan in September. Technically, the collection includes five games. Realistically, it's only three: Dragon Quest I, II, and III. The compilation includes the original... More
  • Blog Post: Splinter Cell, Prince Of Persia Resurface In HD Screens

    Three games for the price of one is a great deal, and it's an even better deal when those three games come from acclaimed series like Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia. Today Ubisoft confirmed that bundled trilogies for both of these franchises are on the way exclusively for the PS3. Both collections... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics 4 Available On Steam

    Sega continues to mine its proud 16-bit heritage with another compilation release for Steam. The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Classics Collection 4 features a host of well-loved titles from days gone by, specifically Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes, Landstalker, Light Crusader, Shining Force, Shining Force... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Dreamcast Collection Announced

    We broke the news that there was a Sega Dreamcast museum title coming, and now the company has made it official. The game will feature for beloved titles: Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing, and Space Channel 5: Part 2. The game will be available on retail shelves for Xbox 360, and as a digital... More
  • Blog Post: Sega To Release Dreamcast Collection Title

    In an interview in the January issue of Game Informer (Tomb Raider cover, issue 213), Sega's executive vice president of sales and marketing Alan Pritchard revealed that the company is going to release a Dreamcast collection title that will compile some of that system's most popular games, similar... More
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