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  • Blog Post: [Update] The Ball Is Back In Cloud Imperium's Court As The Escapist Responds To Demands

    Update: The Escapist has publicly responded to CIG's demands of an apology, retraction, and independent investigation. In a statement published on its website, the outlet says it stands by its reporting. The Escapist , notwithstanding Cloud Imperium Games' notice and posting, stands by its coverage... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Roberts Disputes Veracity Of New Inflammatory Star Citizen Allegations

    Star Citizen has become an internet soap opera over the past few months. And while those might be fun to watch on television, when $90 million hangs in the balance, the stakes are too high for laughs. Earlier today, The Escapist published a three-page story detailing alleged problems with developer Cloud... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Roberts Addresses Star Citizen Delays And Feature Creep Concerns

    Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts isn't ignoring the discussion that's happened over the past week regarding the game, offering updates on the project and addressing the recent concerns over its development. Today, over 925,000 people have contributed more than $85 million to the project, making... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Backer's Pledge Canceled Over 'Vaporware' Allegations

    Star Citizen has lit up headlines for its impressive fundraising success since its Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Unfortunately, the projects is making waves now due to a conflict with a backer that led to developer Cloud Imperium Games canceling a pledge from one of its earliest supporters. On November... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen's Executive Producer Departs

    Cloud Imperium Games' executive producer Alex Mayberry has left the company, Game Informer confirmed today. Alex Mayberry left the company last month for personal reasons according to a PR representative. [Update 7/7/10] The majority of Mayberry's workload is expected to be picked up by Erin... More
  • Blog Post: Chris Roberts Shows Star Citizen's Dogfighting In Extensive Demo

    Chris Roberts gave Star Citizen backers an extensive, early look at the game's dogfighting module, which should be coming within the next month. The event took place last night, on the eve of PAX East, but you can see the hour-long presentation now. The clip below is Roberts' presentation in... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Surpasses The $20 Million Mark

    Star Citizen, the crowd-funded space simulation from Cloud Imperium, has raised of $20 million, achieving a new stretch goal and bringing the finished product one step closer to fruition. From the mind of developer Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander fame), Star Citizen is a complex title that involves... More
  • Blog Post: Star Citizen Reaches $8 Million Mark Via Crowdfunding

    Neither sky nor space is the limit when it comes to Star Citizen’s funding. Chris Roberts’ (of Wing Commander fame) space sim has reached the $8 million mark. Star Citizen was a project originally placed on Kickstarter, where it met its goal and vastly surpassed it . Over 142,000 pledges... More
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