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  • Blog Post: Former Valve, LucasArts, And Amazon Developer Clint Hocking Returns To Ubisoft

    After leaving Ubisoft in 2010 saying he felt "too comfortable," Clint Hocking has returned home after spending time with a handful of other notable developers. Hocking is best known for his work on the Splinter Cell series and Far Cry 2. He worked with LucasArts before the developer collapsed... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Clint Hocking Departs Amazon Game Studios

    Clint Hocking has departed Amazon Game Studios after 16 months with the company . Hocking joined the company shortly after the announcement of the Amazon Fire TV, an Android-powered set-top box that also plays games. IGN broke the news of Hocking’s departure earlier this afternoon. Prior to joining... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Hires Kim Swift, Clint Hocking

    Update: Both Kim Swift and Clint Hocking have confirmed their new positions at Amazon. Both Swift and Hocking have updated their LinkedIn profiles with the new information. Both are listed as senior designers. Original Story: This morning, Amazon announced its new media device, the Fire TV . While it... More
  • Blog Post: Clint Hocking Departs Valve

    Clint Hocking, game director on the original Splinter Cell and creative director on Far Cry 2, has left Valve. Hocking’s LinkedIn profile reflects the change in employment, and the “about” section of his personal blog confirms the departure. Hocking was employed at Ubisoft until May... More
  • Blog Post: Minecraft Creator Markus Persson Reaches A Million Twitter Followers

    Last night, Mojang owner and Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson hit a milestone: a million Twitter followers. He's now the most popular video game developer in the Twitterverse. As part of the celebration, Valve game designer Clint Hocking tweeted this nifty photo to commemorate the... More
  • Blog Post: LucasArts Creative Director Quits

    Update : Hocking has joined Valve Software. He gave no indication what project he's working on. ------------------------ LucasArts creative director Clint Hocking announced he left his position at the company. He joined LucasArts after leaving Ubisoft in May 2010. "I recently left my job at... More
  • Blog Post: Clint Hocking Says "No" To Annual Sequels

    You might think that a former Ubisoft developer talking about the dangers of yearly installments is ironic, but Clint Hocking (now creative director at LucasArts) has some interesting insight about the dangers of the practice. In an opinion piece for Edge , Hocking (who worked on Far Cry 2, pictured... More
  • Blog Post: LucasArts Working On An Open-World RPG

    Could LucasArts finally be delivering the single-player sequel to the Knights of the Old Republic so many Star Wars fans have been clamoring for? The two Knights of the Old Republic games left some narrative threads dangling and many questions unanswered. Most importantly, what was the unknown threat... More
  • Blog Post: Ex-Ubisoft Director Clint Hocking Lands At LucasArts

    A few months ago we reported that one of the creative talents behind the early Splinter Cell titles as well as the lead designer for Far Cry 2, Clint Hocking, was leaving Ubisoft. It seems that Hocking has finally found a new home, Skywalker Ranch. While LucasArts hasn’t made any official statements... More
  • Blog Post: Clint Hocking Leaves Ubisoft

    Clint Hocking, a creative force behind the early Splinter Cell titles and the lead designer for Far Cry 2 (shown), has left Ubisoft, saying, "I'm too comfortable." Hocking who was with the company for nine years, posted an introspective post on his blog detailing his reasons for leaving... More
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