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  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Will Not Be Working On Next Gears Game

    Since this morning’s announcement that the Gears of War franchise and series producer Rod Fergusson are both now with Microsoft , many have wondered whether former Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski would be lured back to the series. In a new blog post, Bleszinski puts the conversation to rest... More
  • Blog Post: Another Key Staff Member Departs Epic Games

    The past year has seen a steady stream of departures from Gears of War and Unreal Engine developer Epic Games. Head of global marketing Kendall Boyd has taken a position with Microsoft as head of marketing for the Halo franchise. Boyd's exit follows a number of key personnel that have left the studio... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Defends Microtransactions, EA In Blog Post

    Former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski took to his blog today to write a long rant on the recent controversy regarding microtransactions - and to talk about the double-standard to which gamers hold EA and Valve. On his blog, Clifford Unchained, Bleszinski didn't mince words on the topic. "The... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Is Waiting In The Wings

    Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games last year, and he's already stated his plans to start another studio . But when? In an interview with Games Industry International , Bleszinski says that it's all a matter of timing, stating that "now would be the absolute worst time to come back. "I... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Says Starting A New Studio Is A Matter Of "When" Not "If"

    In an interview with G4's X-Play , former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski says he will start a new studio soon, it's just matter of when and with whom. Bleszinski told X-Play that while he's flattered at the fan response to Gears of War, he doesn't want the series to be his... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Leaves Epic Games

    Epic Games designer Cliff Bleszinski announced he left the studio after over 20 years. Bleszinski offered no reason for his departure, only that he is looking for a break. Producer Rod Fergusson and People Can Fly creative director Adrian Chmielarz also left Epic in August. Cliff Bleszinski began his... More
  • Blog Post: Unreal Engine 4 Trailer Showcases Next-Gen Graphics

    The next generation of gaming hardware is on the horizon, even though none of the major console manufacturers were talking about it at E3. If you want to see what the future holds for your in-game graphics (not just cutscenes), watch this demo video of Unreal Engine 4 and be amazed. The short sequence... More
  • Blog Post: New Unreal Engine 4 Screenshots Appear

    This is what you can expect out of next-gen console hardware. Welcome to the future. Tech publication Wired has obtained a fresh set of screens from the graphics engine Epic Games is preparing for the next round of consoles, as well as interviews with Epic technology master and co-founder Tim Sweeney... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Epic Working On PC-Only Title

    Although some fans may be disappointed that Epic Games has cancelled Gears of War: Exile , there's news that the company is currently working on a PC-only project. Joystiq reports that company president Mike Capps and lead designer Cliff Bleszinski told a panel at PAX East that Epic is working on... More
  • Blog Post: GDC's Award Show Hosts Announced

    Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski will be hosting the Game Developers Choice awards, while Pocketwatch Games' Andy Schatz will handle the duties for the Independent Games Festival awards. The hosting talent for the Game Developers Conference was announced via the GDC site . The awards will take place... More
  • Blog Post: Epic To Announce New Game At The VGAs

    What's Epic Games working on now that Gears of War 3 recently shipped? Looks like we'll find out this Saturday. Marking its 20th Anniversary, Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski teased the studio will unveil a new franchise at the Video Game Awards show on December 10 . "While we’ve... More
  • Blog Post: Gears 3 DLC Won't Feature The Usual Cast

    We've known for a few weeks that Gears of War 3 will feature a season pass system for its DLC, and design director Cliff Bleszinski has thrown out a little information regarding it on NeoGAF . In the post, he states that the DLC "will have all new campaign content that doesn't have Marcus... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Gears 3 Trailer Features Body Count, Get Ice-T's Multiplayer Character For Free

    [Update] If you'd like to play as Ice-T's Griffin character in Gears of War 3 multiplayer, visit the game's official Facebook page and "like" it. You'll receive a token to download the character when the game ships. [Original story] Rapper Ice-T has been heavily involved in... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski On Board With Gears Of War Beyond Gears 3

    Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski shocked the world today by saying that if Gears of War 3 sells well, Epic would likely be open to continuing to work on its blockbuster franchise. We'll understand if you have to sit down after hearing this news. "We’re business people. Gears 1 and... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski Knows You’ll Buy A Wii U

    “It’s Nintendo. I’ll buy it. I know I’ll buy it. They’ll talk s*** but they’ll buy it.” Those are the words of Epic Games developer and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, speaking about Nintendo's upcoming Wii U hardware in a recent interview. During... More
  • Blog Post: Gears Of War Designer Cliff Bleszinski Engaged

    Cliff Bleszinski a.k.a. CliffyB a.k.a. Dude Huge may be best-known amongst gamers for his work on the gory Gears of War franchise. Despite all that machismo, though, Bleszinski has a soft side that he demonstrated today with the announcement that he's been engaged. Bleszinski and long-time girlfriend... More
  • Blog Post: Epic Games Is Latest Victim Of Hack Attack

    Yesterday it was revealed that Codemasters' website was hacked (again), now Epic says that its websites and forums were attacked. On Epic's official forum , administrator Flak says that posts and new accounts made after Monday were lost, and a statement from Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney states... More
  • Blog Post: Seamus Blackley Leaves CAA

    The head of the games division at the Creative Artists Agency is stepping down to set up a new game production studio. Blackley, one of the principal architects of the original Xbox, joined the company in 2003 to bolster its presence in the video games industry. Under his guidance the agency won over... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff Bleszinski: You Can't Just Copy Call of Duty

    Shooter connoisseur and Epic Games chief Cliff Bleszinski warns that despite the success of the Call of Duty series, making it big with a FPS requires innovation. Speaking to Eurogamer , Bleszinski said the current modern military shooter genre is too full. "We joked earlier about the modern COD... More
  • Blog Post: Cliff B Ponders Fatherhood In Bulletpoints Video

    Full disclosure: This video is barely related to Bulletstorm, even though there's a little footage tucked away near the end. No, the real draw is watching Epic's Cliffy B Cliff Bleszinski make a couple of funny faces and tell a joke about pregnancy. You've already spent more time reading... More
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