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  • Blog Post: Unsung Story Update Details The Class System

    Final Fantasy Tactics director Yasumi Matsuno's upcoming mobile tactics game Unsung Story is trying to make its way to PC by way of Kickstarter . In the game's latest update, Matsuno breaks down the class system. You can head here to read the full update , which showcases the game's three... More
  • Blog Post: BlizzCon: World Of Warcraft Class QA Recap

    In case you missed it, here's the entire live blog recap from today's WoW Class QA. 1:47 gameinformer: About to start, but there's not any big Diablo III panel happening today. :( Just more WoW stuff. I will be doing a Diablo III interview later as well as a write-up on the site, so watch... More
  • Blog Post: Portal Required Reading At Best College Ever!

    Wabash College recently announced that it would be adding Valves popular puzzle game Portal to it’s syllabus of required “reading” materials, a list that includes famous works such as Gilgamesh , Aristotle's Politics , John Donne's poetry, Shakespeare's Hamlet , and the... More
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