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  • Blog Post: Zynga Now Testing Bitcoin Payments In Farmville And Other Games

    The free-to-play giant is hopping on the bitcoin bandwagon, and is current testing accepting bitcoin payments in a number of its most popular titles. On Reddit, a company representative posted: "In response to Bitcoin's rise in popularity around the world, Zynga, with help from BitPay, is testing... More
  • Blog Post: Bloomberg Names Zynga's Pincus To "Worst CEOs" List

    The respected business news organization has published its list of the worst CEOs of 2012, and Zynga's Marc Pincus makes the cut. This year has been a tough one for Cityville publisher Zynga, which has suffered plummeting stock prices, layoffs and cancellations of games, and accusations of insider... More
  • Blog Post: Zynga Insiders Dumped 43 Million Shares Before Stock Crashed

    It's been a bad week for Zynga. It's stock took a dive earlier in the week, falling over 41 percent to a low of $2.99 (at the time of this writing, it is trading for $3.17 a share). But what's really notable is the fact that many large investors in the company -- including founder Marc Pincus... More
  • Blog Post: Zynga Moving Beyond Facebook

    Zynga today announced it will soon make available many of its games to play through its website. In a few days, Zynga.com will host Words with Friends, CastleVille, Zynga Poker, Hidden Chronicles and CityVille. Games from other developers will be added soon afterwards. "We've invested heavily... More
  • Blog Post: The Top 10 Facebook Games of 2011

    The ubiquitous social media network has revealed the most popular games on its site for 2011. Interestingly, none of them contain the word "Farm." It appears that this list is not strictly based on number of users. According to Facebook: "This list was compiled by looking at the top games... More
  • Blog Post: Raptr Data Shows Zynga Social Games Rivaling Core Games In Playtime

    Raptr, the social gaming network that tracks the gaming activity of over 10 million members, recently released a report on Zynga's Facebook social games, and the data is striking. It appears that social gaming is rivaling the core games market in terms of total playtime -- even if that playtime is... More
  • Blog Post: FarmVille, CityVille Blamed For Soap Opera Cancellations

    If you're not a soap opera fan, you may not have heard that the long-running ABC soaps All My Children and One Life To Live are coming to an end this fall. Declining ratings are the main problem, of course, but some sources are suggesting that a far more insidious culprit may be culpable: Zynga and... More
  • Blog Post: Zynga Adds DreamWorks CEO To Board; Teases ShrekVille

    CityVille and Mafia Wars emperor Zynga is making friends in the movie business. The casual gaming giant has just added DreamWorks Animation producer and CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, to its board of board of directors. Katzenberg helped co-found DreamWorks SKG in 1994 and later helped branch the company by... More
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