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  • Blog Post: Dead Rising Lurches Into The World Of Comics

    San Diego Comic-Con is taking place this week in California, which makes news that Capcom's Dead Rising is being turned into a comic particularly timely. IDW's four-issue series, Dead Rising: Road to Fortune bridges the gap between the end of the first Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2's downloadable... More
  • Blog Post: West And Greene Join Forces In New Dead Rising 2: Case West Screens

    In Dead Rising 2: Case West, Frank West and Chuck Greene come together to investigate the Phenotrans Facility in Fortune City. There will be new challenges and crazy weapons, not to mention both West and Greene will be able to take photographs to prove Phenotrans is involved in zombie outbreaks across... More
  • Blog Post: See More Dead Rising 2 In Exclusive Screens

    What? Even after this morning's asset blast , you're still not happy? What is it going to take to make you Dead Rising 2 types happy? Would 15 more images do it for you? Good. Here are some North American exclusives to keep you busy, including shots of Chuck wearing some questionable outfits... More
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