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  • Blog Post: Pick A Side In This Final Fantasy T-Shirt Contest

    Two beautiful Final Fantasy inspired designs are facing off right now on TeeFury, where they're competing to see which can sell the most t-shirts in 24 hours. The first is based on Final Fantasy IX and features the silhouettes of the main party inside a Moogle outline, as seen on the left in the... More
  • Blog Post: Final Fantasy XI Expansion Coming Next Year

    Seekers of Adoulin is coming to PC and Xbox 360 next year. The trailer below offers a little bit of gameplay, but it's mostly art and promises of new lands, new jobs, and new tales. [via Andriasang ] More
  • Blog Post: Two Free Square Enix Games Hit Facebook

    Since everyone loved breeding chocobos so much in Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has released a Facebook game focused almost entirely on the practice of raising the iconic birds. Chocobo's Crystal Tower is one of two games Square Enix recently released on Facebook. It lets you raise an army of chocobos... More
  • Blog Post: Baby Chocobo Gives Mini Chun-Li A Run For Her Money

    Move over Baby Chun-Li . This photo really needs no explanation. While most Chocobos are known for enjoying Gysahl Greens, this one seems to prefer Fig Newtons. [Photos/costume via cosplay.com user Khiorii ] More
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