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  • Blog Post: 8-Bit Time Machine Album Reimagines Modern Game Tunes

    IndieGoGo is playing host to a new music project called The 8-Bit Time Machine, and there’s still a few days left to contribute if you’d like to participate in the funding drive. Giovanni Rotundo is hosting the drive for the new album, which promises a selection of modern video game music... More
  • Blog Post: Chiptune Documentary Sequence Shows The Animated Life Of A Game Boy

    The opening sequence to Europe in 8 Bits , an upcoming documentary on the European chiptune scene, shows us the life, death, and rebirth of an original Game Boy. It's a great sequence, which depicts an original Game Boy going from factory to home to a second life as a piece of musical equipment.... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Composer Remembers Hiroshi Yamauchi With Remixed Nintendo Themes

    Nintendo composer Hirokazu Tanaka recently released a pair of tracks remixing classic Nintendo themes from Super Mario Land and Metroid, dedicating them to the late Hiroshi Yamauchi . Tanaka's resume of Nintendo music includes work on games like Super Mario Land, Earthbound, and Dr. Mario, among... More
  • Blog Post: The Smiths' "This Charming Man" Redone As 8-Bit Video Game Music

    The Smiths, one of the most beloved British bands of all time, have received the 8-bit treatment thanks to a very talented Soundcloud user. While 8-bit remakes of popular songs are hardly rare, this one is exceptionally well done. Soundcloud user "lazyitis" has transformed the band's classic... More
  • Blog Post: VG Expo Showcases The Burgeoning Video Game Music Scene

    Philadelphia’s Video Game Expo doesn’t have the mainstream notoriety of PAX, but the convention has been gathering steam over its five-year lifespan. Last year’s conference drew over 24,000 attendees. Recently it was announced that Nintendo had signed on as an exhibitor, demonstrating... More
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