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  • Blog Post: Charity Game Chime Headed To Steam

    The addictive block puzzler is moving to PC, and adds Portal's "Still Alive" song into the mix. Earlier this year saw the release of a great puzzle game for XBLA called Chime. Beyond the high quality of the gameplay and audio, the game doubled as a worthwhile way to put your money towards... More
  • Blog Post: Chime Brings Charity To Live Arcade, And Monkey Island Concludes

    Check out this week’s downloadable game schedule and learn what you need to know. This week sees the release of a great Live Arcade title we’ve been keeping our eyes on for a few months. Chime is a puzzle game that shares a lot in common with Tetris and Lumines. You place geometric blocks... More
  • Blog Post: First Trailer For Chime On XBLA

    This week saw the announcement of Chime, an intriguing new puzzle game for XBLA from developer Zoë Mode. The game, which is set to release just before the holidays, is being published by OneBigGame, a video gaming children's charity organization. For more info on the game, make sure and check... More
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