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  • Blog Post: New Chibi-Robo Amiibo And 3DS Game Revealed For Japan

    Early this morning, Nintendo delivered a Japanese Nintendo direct that unveiled a number of games, includinga new Chibi-Robo. Unlike the GameCube title, the latest Chibi-Robo is a sidescroller, and it doesn't look like you're doing much cleaning. Instead you're using your power cord to grapple... More
  • Blog Post: New Chibi-Robo For The 3DS

    Nintendo has announced a new Chibi-Robo title exclusively for the 3DS called Chibi-Robo Photo Finder. The game (currently out in Japan) is based around Chibi-Robo helping to start up a new museum (assumedly in the future) dedicated to today's ordinary objects called NostalJunk. Chibi collects NostalJunk... More
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