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  • Blog Post: How To Unlock 1999 Mode In BioShock Infinite

    If you want to experience BioShock Infinite at its most difficult, you need to play on 1999 Mode. This typically isn't an option on your first playthrough...unless you input a secret code. The best part? You probably already know the code. Going back to the sensibilities of late-'90s shooters... More
  • Blog Post: Game Breaking: Bayonetta

    Bayonetta has been out for almost a year, and tons of gamers have fallen in love with its razor-sharp combat and absurd action. But some of you still haven't experienced this over-the-top masterpiece. Whether you're a newcomer or an old pro, this edition of Gamebreaking will help you obtain an... More
  • Blog Post: Full List Of StarCraft II Cheats

    Managing a military campaign and protecting the homeland from an alien threat is no easy task. Sometimes it seems like you need a little divine help. Blizzard just came to the rescue by releasing a list of StarCraft II cheat codes. Many of these codes have already been discovered, but as Blizzard notes... More
  • Blog Post: Single-Player Hacks Can Get You Banned From StarCraft II

    At the beginning of this month, we saw Blizzard's banhammer fall on 5,000 StarCraft II players who had been caught cheating in the game. If you thought those bans only affected players cheating in the game's online multiplayer mode, think again. Apparently some players have been banned because... More
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