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  • Blog Post: Blizzard Takes Steps To Rid World Of Warcraft Of Bots

    Blizzard has posted that it is taking action against bots in World of Warcraft. The post comes in response to a "large number" of accounts that were using third-party automation programs to play the game for them. "We’re committed to providing an equal and fair playing field for... More
  • Blog Post: MLB 2K12’s Perfect Game Challenge Ends In Controversy

    Everyone wants to be a millionaire. 2K Sports MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge offered players just that. But was the contest fair? 2K’s contest stipulated that contestants of the $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge must use real-world matchups being played during the contest. Players were provided... More
  • Blog Post: Infinite Money And Power Nodes In Dead Space 2

    Dead Space 2 is a harrowing and tense game, and you never know when the next necromorph will jump out and try to eat your face. Improve your chances of survival with this little trick...though maybe "cheat" is a better word. It all happens at the very end of Chapter 14. By that point, you've... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Microsoft Labels Autistic Boy A Cheater On Xbox Live

    UPDATE: The mother of the 11-year-old autistic boy who previously insisted her child did not cheat to get achievements has now admitted she was aware of foul play. Mother Jennifer Zdenek knew that her child, Julius Jackson, gave his Xbox Live Gamertag information to a fellow player in another city, who... More
  • Blog Post: The Saga Of The Hacked PS3 Root Key Continues

    While the world was focused on the announcement of the company's NGP handheld, some interesting new developments occurred in the company's ongoing battle with hackers. Tekgoblin reports that Sony won a temporary restraining order against hacker George (Geohot) Hotz, the man who reportedly leaked... More
  • Blog Post: Does PS3 Root Key Allow Hackers To Unlock Trophies?

    As the fallout from the reported leak of the PlayStation 3 root key, which is said to allow hackers to unlock the system for homebrew applications and (very likely) piracy, a new twist has emerged. According to CVG , some hackers have found a way to unlock all the trophies for the PS3 titles Buzz! and... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Banning Cheaters From StarCraft II

    Blizzard released a statement today emphasizing its commitment to cracking down on players that use cheats, exploits, or hacks in StarCraft II. Players who are caught using these tactics will be permanently banned from playing the ultra-popular RTS through the company's Battle.net service. Here's... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Goes After Red Dead Cheaters

    Rockstar is sending out its own posse after what it sees as Red Dead Redemption cheaters and hackers. The long arm of the law will find you. A message on the company's website reads in part, "...to ensure we preserve the integrity of gameplay for all online, we are actively working on new features... More
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