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  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3DS Spelunks This August

    Previously we were told that Cave Story 3DS would be included in the Nintendo 3DS’s “launch window.” Now we’re starting to think that by “launch window” the publisher means “anytime after the 3DS’s release.” We now have word that Cave Story’s... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3DS Logo Arrives

    One of the best games on WiiWare is nearing its release on Nintendo's shiny new handheld device. Behold! A logo! Alright, we admit this isn't exactly thrilling news. But the newly revealed Cave Story 3DS logo gives us an excuse to remind all our readers just how great Cave Story really is. You're... More
  • Blog Post: New Cave Story Concepts Showcase 3D Direction

    Last week we learned that the lauded indie title Cave Story will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in close proximity to the hardware’s debut. While gameplay and story will remain the same, a massive graphical overhaul is underway to take advantage of the 3DS tech. We’re still short on specifics... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Story 3DS Coming In Launch Window

    A newly announced 3D overhaul of the fantastic action/platformer is coming to Nintendo's new handheld in the weeks after its release. If you haven't played Cave Story, you're missing out. Originally released as a PC freeware game, Cave Story was recently remade with updated graphics and released... More
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