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  • Blog Post: Fan Film Contemplates What Happens After Portal 2

    YouTube user Ronaldthecock, whose username is unfortunate considering the smart, contemplative nature of his short film, has created an animation that considers what may have happened at the end of Portal 2. Hopefully it goes without saying, but there are Portal 2 spoilers ahead. What did Chell do right... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Johnson Returns In Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Video

    Portal 2's test chamber editor will be available on May 8 , and Valve put together a video to remind everyone that it's coming soon. J.K. Simmons returns to offer his Cave Johnson voice over explaining how it all works, and it is unsurprisingly hilarious. I could watch a 90-minute feature of... More
  • Blog Post: Cave Johnson Is Hypothetically Disliked

    In Supergiant Games' XBLA hit Bastion, the narrator (a.k.a. The Stranger, a.k.a. Rucks) explains the events as they unfold. He's not an unbiased observer, though. He doesn't seem to like Portal 2's Cave Johnson…or he wouldn't, if they'd ever met. Does that sound confusing... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The Value Of Boots In Portal 2

    The fourth and final investment opportunity video features Aperture Science founder Cave Johnson explaining the advantages of the company's boots. Top of the list? You don't damage expensive portal technology when you fall from extreme heights. Watch the video below, and remember that you only... More
  • Blog Post: How Well Do Robots Work Together In Portal 2?

    Valve has released its second video out of four weekly installments that promote Portal 2 as we build towards the game’s April 19 release. Prepare to be amused. In it, Aperture CEO and founder Cave Johnson tells us how robots have helped further the fields of science and trust. More
  • Blog Post: J.K. Simmons Lending Vocal Talents To Portal 2

    As Portal 2’s release draws nearer, surprising new details are still surfacing. J.K. Simmons – a seasoned actor known for his enthusiastic role as J.J. Jameson in the Spider-Man films, among many others – will be voicing Aperture Science president Cave Johnson. Johnson was hinted via... More
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