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  • Blog Post: Marvel's Cinematic Universe to Be 'Distinctly Different' In Phase Four

    Marvel's Cinematic Universe is currently in 'Phase Three,' the third chapter of interconnected stories that sees Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, and other heroes coming together to combat universe-threatening foes. Phase Three kicks off with this summer's Captain America: Civil... More
  • Blog Post: Heroes Rage In New Captain America Trailer, Ant-Man Shows Up

    The Super Bowl trailer for Captain America: Civil War trailer just aired and it is a doozy. Tony's mad. Cap's mad. Everybody's mad, pretty much. Highlights include seeing Tony use his rad Iron Man watch to fight The Winter Soldier, Cap and Bucky being buds, and both Black Panther and Ant... More
  • Blog Post: Disney Infinity’s Power Stone-Like Marvel Battlegrounds Lands In March

    At New York Comic Con, I had the opportunity to see the first gameplay for Disney Infinity’s next big game within a game. Marvel Battlegrounds is a completely different take on the characters, aping arena fighters like Super Smash Bros. and Power Stone. The playset, which comes with the new Captain... More
  • Blog Post: Civil War Returning To Marvel Comics In July

    Captain America and Iron Man were at odds with one another in 2006's Civil War , and even after death, these two are right back at it – dividing super heroes and the nation over several pressing issues of the day. The new Civil War story launches in July and is a part of Marvel's universe... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Heroes And Gaming Icons Collide In An Epic Battle

    We've all had the dream of our favorite heroes from different walks of life meeting for the first time. Of course, the first thing that always seems to happen when your favorite fictional heroes meet, is they start slapping each other around. Watch the sparks fly when gaming's biggest guns meet... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Plots Its Course To Avengers: Infinity War Films

    At a special event today, Marvel announce the future of its film universe. Yesterday, news leaked that Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch might be playing the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange . While that bit of info was not confirmed at Marvel's event in Los Angeles, we do know dates and names... More
  • Blog Post: On The Cover Of This Saturday Evening Post: Jill Valentine, Captain America, And Optimus Prime

    Toronto-based freelance illustrator/ designer Marco D’Alfonso channels Norman Rockwell with these awesome depictions of Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine, Captain America, and Optimus Prime, done up in the style of three iconic Norman Rockwell illustrations. The Jill Valentine illustration below... More
  • Blog Post: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Fight Choreography Inspired By Video Games

    In a new video posted on the Xbox YouTube channel, Captain America actor Chris Evans discusses the fight choreography in the latest Marvel movie. In the clip, Evans says that Cap’s combat style in The Winter Soldier was heavily inspired by the first Avenger’s video game moves. "The way... More
  • Blog Post: Marvel Civil War Coming To Pinball FX 2

    A new table is coming to Pinball FX 2 based on the 2006 Marvel Civil War comic book series. Players will be able to choose between siding with Iron Man or Captain America, and your choice will dictate elements of the board, like which heroes make cameos in your game. Picking Captain America will make... More
  • Blog Post: Report: There May Be An Avengers Video Game And It May Have A Name

    The domain name AvengersBattleForEarth.com has been registered by Marvel and Ubisoft. The name was registered the day before The Avengers film hit theatres, and could represent an upcoming announcement of an Avengers video game. Until we find out more about what Battle For Earth is, you will have to... More
  • Blog Post: Three-Minute Avengers Video Leaks On YouTube

    On August 9, THQ announced the closing of two studios in Australia, one of which was the Brisbane developer rumored to be creating on a video game adaptation of Marvel Comics' The Avengers . Work on the project apparently ceased at this point, and its current status is anyone's guess. A video... More
  • Blog Post: Captain America Video Will Make You Four Minutes Older

    Captain America: Super Soldier came out this week. You can now watch a video in which the game's developers talk about making the game. In the clip, the teams at Next Level Games and High Voltage Software discuss the character (and, of course, his shield) and how they brought him to the game . If... More
  • Blog Post: Quick 15: Captain America: Super Soldier

    The newest trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger makes it look like it could be one of the summer’s biggest films, but Next Level Games’ upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier shouldn’t be overlooked. The title is actually shaping up to be one of the better comic/film based... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Bringing Captain America To Console

    He’s fought Hitler, the Red Skull, and his own terrible ‘80s film, but now Captain America will be battling for yous dollars on consoles next year when Sega releases Captain America: Super Soldier. Anyone who’s read the comics or played the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance titles knows that... More
  • Blog Post: Avengers Assemble! Sega Releasing Thor and Captain America Games in 2011

    Marvel Comic fans probably already know that Thor and Captain America are heading to the silver screen in 2011, but Sega just confirmed that it will release two games based off the films around the same time. Thor is currently scheduled for a May 2011 theatrical release, while The First Avenger: Captain... More
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