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  • Blog Post: Getting Crazy With Dead Rising 3: Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α

    One of the biggest surprises from Microsoft’s E3 press conference was the unveiling of a new piece of Dead Rising 3 DLC for Xbox One. Dead Rising 3: Super Ultra Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α was announced via a frantic trailer, which showed a battery of Capcom characters and references... More
  • Blog Post: Third Dead Rising 3 DLC Coming Tomorrow

    Get ready to return to Los Perdidos. Microsoft has announced that the third batch of Dead Rising 3 DLC, Chaos Rising, will be arriving tomorrow. The download will show the infection from the perspective of an outlaw biker. If you played through the game's campaign, you're no doubt familiar with... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 3's First DLC Has You Hunting For The President

    Capcom Vancouver is now rolling out details about Dead Rising 3's post-release support. The first batch of announced DLC, Operation Eagle, that puts players in the role of a spec ops commander on a mission to track down the President of the United States. The new character, Adam Kane (no relation... More
  • Blog Post: No Zombies Allowed In Capcom Vancouver's Upcoming Project

    Dead Rising 2 developer Capcom Vancouver (formerly known as Blue Castle) is hiring for its next project, but you should temper your expectations if you're hoping to be a part of the next zombie apocalypse. Development on the upcoming game is just beginning, so there aren't any juicy details embedded... More
  • Blog Post: Blur Studios Employee Lists Dead Rising 3 On Resume

    The dormant Dead Rising series could be lurching toward gamers again if a resume entry is to be believed. An animator at Blur Studios has listed the unannounced Dead Rising 3 among his credits on LinkedIn. The animation rigger lists other projects, such as Guardians of Middle Earth, Halo 4, and Dark... More
  • Blog Post: Layoffs Hit Dead Rising Dev

    The developer behind Dead Rising 2 suffered layoffs today, Capcom confirmed. The company let go 7 percent of its total workforce due to an "unsuitable fit" with studio goals. "Capcom Vancouver has laid off 20 staff as part of its regular periodic assessment of overall studio goals,"... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Rising 2 Dev Working On Open World Action Games

    Like tons of other industries, video game developers often recruit new talent by posting job openings online. Such is the case with Capcom Vancouver’s recent listing for a design director needed to help out on an “unannounced new IP.” Certainly the fact that Capcom Vancouver is hiring... More
  • Blog Post: Frank West Returns In Dead Rising Epilogue!

    At Capcom's Tokyo Game Show press briefing Dead Rising made an unexpected appearance. Dead Rising 2 isn't even out, yet Capcom is already talking about what comes next. Dead Rising: Case West is an epilogue that takes place after the events in Dead Rising 2. In this act, Chuck, Dead Rising 2's... More
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