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  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Holiday Bundle Gives You A Choice Of Four Games

    Sony has announced a flexible PlayStation 4 bundle for the holidays. For the $399 price of the console, players can get one of four games for free. Included in the offer are Destiny, Far Cry 4, NBA 2K15, and LittleBigPlanet 3. Inside the box is a voucher that consumers can redeem in order to select one... More
  • Blog Post: Flash Sales Return To Humble Bundle

    Humble Bundle has announced today that it's bringing back 24-hour flash sales after a few-months hiatus. Previously called Humble Daily Bundles, they have since been renamed to Humble Flash Bundles. The bundles go live every Monday at 11 PDT and can be found here . Previously, Humble Bundle ran a... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Announces The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Bundle For Europe

    Gamers on the other side of the pond will be able to get a new PlayStation 4 bundle that includes a copy of the newly remastered version of Naughty Dog's masterpiece. The news comes from the European PlayStation Blog. The bundle includes a standard black PlayStation 4, a DualShock 4 controller, and... More
  • Blog Post: Take A Look At The New White PlayStation 4

    Sony announced in their press conference that the PlayStation 4 will be coming in white to complement the currently solely black console. The white PS4 will be available for purchase on September 9 for $449 and will come bundled with Bungie's Destiny, a 30 day PlayStation Plus voucher, and a DualShock... More
  • Blog Post: NBA 2K14 And MLB 14 The Show Releasing Together In PlayStation Sports Pack

    Update: We mistakenly called the bundle a "re-release", and have updated the story to reflect the games' upcoming April 1 release date. MLB 14 The Show and NBA 2K14 are getting bundled together in PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1 for PlayStation 3, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog... More
  • Blog Post: Zelda-Themed Wii U Bundle Accidentally Revealed By Nintendo

    We're a little over a month away from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD's October 4 release date, and it appears that Nintendo has accidentally jumped the gun with an additional announcement. In a trailer that demonstrates the game's Hero Mode, an image at the end (seen above) clearly... More
  • Blog Post: Humble Origin Bundle Sets Record, Adds More Games

    The Humble Origin Bundle has generated over $9 million, setting a record for the charity service. Two games have also been added since the bundle's launch. The previous record was help by the Humble Indie Bundle 5, which generated just over $5 million. That bundle included Psychonauts, Limbo, Amnesia... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Wind Waker HD And Pokémon X And Y Console Bundles On The Way

    Leaked retail documents show that Zelda and Pokémon fans who have been waiting to adopt Nintendo's newest consoles might have an easy point of entry very soon. According to a report from Destructoid , a 32 GB Wii U bundle packaged with the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD should... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Announces Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 3 Bundle

    Sony has big plans for a PS3 bundle that will release packed in with GTA V and a gaming headset. Sony's Jack Tretton announced it at the Sony E3 press conference tonight. The bundle comes with a copy of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V, a PlayStation 3, and a specially made GTA V branded gaming... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Confirms Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundle

    Nintendo hasn't discussed price, or release date, but it has confirmed that a very cool Fire Emblem: Awakening bundle is coming to United States. I'm disappointed to see that it is the original model of 3DS, and not the superior 3DS XL, but it is very nice looking, and not garish, which sometimes... More
  • Blog Post: Xbox Black Friday Deals

    With Black Friday looming just over the horizon it can be a challenge piecing together what deals each retailer will be offering. Well, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has you covered with the official list of Black Friday Xbox deals. Will you risk being trampled by the ravenous hordes of consumers next... More
  • Blog Post: Hong Kong Assassin's Creed III Fans Get A Hoodie

    The bad news is, we're not getting it in North America. The good news is, I can't imagine anyone wearing this. It looks more like a poncho. The hoodie/poncho will be included with the PlayStation 3 500 GB console bundle that includes the game. You can see it all it's armless, wind-protecting... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Announces Assassin's Creed 3 Bundle

    Update: Trailer added. A new Assassin's Creed 3 PlayStation 3 bundle will be available the same day as the game releases on October 30. The bundle will include a PlayStation 3 console, a copy of Assassin's Creed 3, and exclusive DLC. Sony did not detail what the exclusive DLC will entail. More
  • Blog Post: Bond Puts The Move In His Arsenal With The GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Bundle

    Sony and Activision are teaming up for a GoldenEye Move bundle that includes an exclusive character for GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. The Double 'O' Edition features the game, a Move controller, a navigation controller, a PlayStation Eye, and the Move Sharpshooter peripheral. The pack also includes... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle Revealed

    Many Xbox 360 are sick and tired of playing their games on a console that doesn't look futuristic enough. LucasArts has heard this common, not-made-up complaint, and is addressing the issue with an Xbox 360 bundled modeled after R2-D2. The console will come bundled with other goodies that will remind... More
  • Blog Post: Uncharted Collection Coming In July

    To set the stage for its upcoming blockbuster Uncharted 3, Sony is going to be releasing the Uncharted Collection, which bundles the first two adventures of Nathan Drake. A product listing (now removed) appeared on the Best Buy website this morning. CVG spotted it , and got confirmation that the title... More
  • Blog Post: Gears Of War 3 Gets 360 Bundle Treatment

    Microsoft has announced a blood-stained (in color, anyway) Xbox 360/Gears of War 3 bundle for release on September 20. The bundle features: 320GB Xbox 360 with special Gears of War finish Customized Gears of War start-up and eject sounds Two controllers In-game weapon skins The standard version of Gears... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Branded 3D TV Bundle Announced

    At Sony's press conference in Los Angeles, SCEA announced a PlayStation branded 3D TV with a few impressive features. The PlayStation branded television offers an alternative view to split screen. Instead of standard split screen, player one and player two get to see entirely separate screens with... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Introduces Killzone 3 PS3 Bundle

    To celebrate the February 22nd release of the game, Sony is also putting out a PS3 bundle with the game. The bundle features a 160GB PS3 and the game for $299.99. Although it's a relatively bare-bones bundle, at least you're getting the game for what amounts to free. If you're interested... More
  • Blog Post: Panic Time: Halo Reach Bundles Selling Out

    If you were waiting to find out whether or not Halo: Reach was good enough to warrant buying an expensive collector's edition of the game, you're out of luck. Retailers have been running out of even the most expensive Halo: Reach bundles. It will be a while before we get sales numbers for Bungie's... More
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