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  • Blog Post: [Update] Roy And Ryu For Super Smash Bros. Out Today

    Update: Following reports yesterday, Nintendo confirmed that Roy and Ryu aren't just coming to the fight. They're here. The pair join Lucas today as additions to the roster. Roy and Lucas are $3.99 each on Wii U or 3DS. For $4.99 a character becomes unlocked for both versions. Ryu is a bit more... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Your Friend's Dad Perform Every Taunt In Super Smash Bros.

    We'll probably never learn how this idea came about, but it's certainly entertaining to watch. YouTube user Nick Luciano posted the video with the description, "Check out every character's taunting animation in Super Smash Bros Wii U reenacted by my Dad," and promises that Mewtwo... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Grab Games With Gold Titles Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons And #IDARB Today

    #IDARB jumped the gun and became available on Friday for Xbox Live Gold members, but today officially starts February's Game with Gold downloads. Right now, if you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you can grab #IDARB on Xbox One and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on Xbox 360. You have until February... More
  • Blog Post: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Team Forms Hazelight, Teases New Game

    Brothers: A Tale of Two sons director Josef Fares and that game's core team have partnered with EA to form independent studio Hazelight, and have offered a very brief tease for its new game. EA has set aside some space for the new team at the DICE studio in Stockholm so they can get started right... More
  • Blog Post: See How Every Final Smash Stacks Up Against Seven Opponents In Super Smash Bros. Wii U

    YouTube channel Master0fHyrule has put together a showcase of every Super Smash Bros. character's Final Smash (all 51) and how it plays against seven other opponents. The video is 10 minutes along and took about 10 hours for recording and capturing alone. Even set on high frequency, the Smash Ball... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Did You Pick Up Any Amiibos?

    Amiibos are here, and if pictures on social media are any indication, they appear to be popular. Did you pick any up? I grabbed a Link because I am a big Zelda fan ( you can see my unboxing video here ), and I like the idea of unlocking Zelda stuff in other Nintendo games. I don't feel compelled... More
  • Blog Post: Learn Some Of The Hyper-Intricacies Of Super Smash Bros. Combat

    Super Smash Bros. is much deeper than most give it credit it for and the latest video from YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming breaks down some of the highest of highest-level strategies in the game. Check out the video below to learn all about smooth Landings, L-canceling, crouch-canceling, directional... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion – Who Is The Best Super Smash Bros. Fighter?

    It's a question with a different answer for nearly everyone who has played a Smash Bros. game, but we want to know your answer. If you've watched any of our 8-player Super Smash Bros. videos (click the links for part 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4 ), you will know I personally favor Toon Link. He has all... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Like Super Smash Bros. With The Circle Pad?

    After the demo's release and the full release on Friday, players have had plenty of time to play Smash Bros. with the the 3DS Circle Pad. How's it working for you? Pictures have surfaced online of broken Circle Pads, while others say they having trouble pulling off smash moves with unreliable... More
  • Blog Post: New Speed Record Set For Super Mario Bros.

    A new speed run record has been set for Super Mario Bros., placing the new best time at just under five minutes. The new record run, which you can see in its entirety in the video below. The record was set by speed runner that goes by the name Blubbler . Blubbler's new record sets the time at 4:57... More
  • Blog Post: Giant Squid Partners With 505 Games For ABZÛ [Trailer Added]

    Giant Squid, helmed by former thatgamecompany art director Matt Nava, is partnering with 505 Games to release ABZÛ . ABZÛ has been in development for a year and is planned for release in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. We spoke with Nava shortly after he announced the creation of his new studio... More
  • Blog Post: Steam Holiday Sale Day 10: Siblings, Mods, And A Merc With A Mouth

    The Steam sale soldiers on, despite a plague of Left 4 Dead 2 purchases that temporarily brought the service to its knees. Today offers the absurd with Saints Row IV, Deadpool, and Garry's Mod, and more indie gems with Brothers and Dust. Saints Row IV - $19.99 (Regularly $49.99) Torchlight II - ... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 10/25/13

    Most of Game Informer’s editors will be busy making their way through the Kalos region in Pokémon X & Y this weekend. Some might also visit Gotham City and Los Santos before Monday. Tim Turi: This weekend is all about Pokémon and catching up with some Top 50 Games of the Year... More
  • Blog Post: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Now Out On Steam, PS3

    Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons was released on the Xbox 360 August 7 as part of Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion. Now, publisher 505 Games has announced that it's available on Steam and the PlayStation 3. In the game, players simultaneously control a pair of siblings, solving puzzles... More
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