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  • Blog Post: Gungoose Coming To Halo 2 Multiplayer For The Master Chief Collection

    Halo 2 is getting a new vehicle - sort of. Developer 343 Industries has announced that it's bringing the Mongoose, a classic vehicle from Halo 3, 4, and Reach, to Halo 2. However, the ATV is getting an important upgrade. You can see the full concept below that shows the Gungoose, named as such due... More
  • Blog Post: Blood Gulch Revived For Halo: Reach

    Today Bungie celebrated Bungie Day (is that a thing?) by debuting a new Red vs Blue video from Rooster Teeth. What, that's not a good enough present for a fake holiday? Fine: The new video also showed off a new and improved Blood Gulch, and revealed a never before seen armor ability. While the video... More
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