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  • Blog Post: PSA: You Can Play Two Of StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void's Modes For Free

    Years ago, Blizzard announced that they were releasing a free version of StarCraft II called the "Starter Edition" . While it doesn't get much attention, this free version of StarCraft II has been updated for the recent release of the final expansion called Legacy of the Void . Right now... More
  • Blog Post: Overwatch Holding Beta Test Weekend This Friday

    This weekend, additional players can hop into the Overwatch closed beta during a limited, invitation-only Beta Test Weekend. Players from the U.S. and Europe can hop into Blizzard’s hero-based shooter to help stress test servers and provide feedback. Testing begins Friday, November 20 at 9 a.m... More
  • Blog Post: Sneaky Zebra Invades Blizzcon 2015 To Find The Best Cosplay

    YouTube comedic duo Sneaky Zebra released their latest cosplay music video today. The video highlights the best cosplay found at Blizzcon 2015 in Anaheim, California. Blizzcon saw no shortage of high quality cosplayers, featuring characters from all of Blizzard's properties, including great cosplays... More
  • Blog Post: All Our BlizzCon Coverage In One Place

    The Blizzon 2015 is in full swing. If you missed anything, we've raked all of our coverage into one neat pile. We'll update the page with new stories as information trickles out from the event throughout the weekend. News: More Revealed On World Of Warcraft: Legion, Confirmation For Summer Release... More
  • Blog Post: More Revealed On World Of Warcraft: Legion, Confirmation For Summer Release

    World of Warcraft: Legion was naturally a part of this year's BlizzCon, with Blizzard announcing that the game is open for pre-order, you can sign up for the beta, info on Legion's class changes, and more. The Burning Legion returns, and this time they don't want to fail. Legion features... More
  • Blog Post: Overwatch Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

    Update #2: Blizzard announced three new heroes at Blizzcon: D. Va, Lucio, and Genji. The publisher also confirmed an Origins Edition, including five skins, Mercy wings for Diablo III, a Baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft, an Overwatch card back for Hearthstone, and portraits for Starcraft II. Blizzard... More
  • Blog Post: Hearthstone Gets New Adventure: League Of Explorers, Launching This Thursday

    Today at Blizzcon, Blizzard introduced the third solo adventure for Hearthstone called League of Explorers. The adventure features four wings (one less than the previous two adventures), which when completed will unlock class-specific challenges. League of Explorers also has two difficulties (normal... More
  • Blog Post: Four Heroes, New Battleground, New Mode Revealed For Heroes Of The Storm

    Update: In addition to the earlier news, Blizzard has confirmed Overwatch's Tracer for Heroes of the Storm. The hero will be included with the Origins edition of the game and, we expect her to be available for sale as normal, also. Original Story: Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, is set... More
  • Blog Post: Story-Driven Mission Packs Featuring Nova Coming To StarCraft

    Blizzard revealed some new information about StarCraft at this year's Blizzcon, mainly that mission packs would bring more to the journey after Legacy of the Void ships. This is a three mission arc DLC, and the first will focus on Nova, who originally was supposed to star in the now canceled StarCraft... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Blizzard Is Getting Into The Television And Movie Business

    Activision Blizzard will be broadening its franchises’ already enormous footprints. The company announced today that it will be getting into the film and television business with the new Activision Blizzard Studios. Two projects have been announced, with more to come. Skylanders at long last gets... More
  • Blog Post: Hearthstone's Newest Tavern Brawl Experiments With Co-Op Play

    You can now see what it's like to team up with another Hearthstone player in a limited time co-op challenge. Tavern Brawl is a weekly event in Hearthstone that (normally) pits two players against each with specialized rules, cards, and sometimes pre-built decks. This week's Tavern Brawl is the... More
  • Blog Post: Three Blizzard Classics Apparently Getting Retuned For Modern PCs

    Blizzard appears to be making efforts to retune three of its best games for contemporary machines. A company job listing directly references pillar titles of years gone by. “Compelling stories. Intense multiplayer. Endless replayability. Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Warcraft Teaser Trailer Days Before The Full-Length Version

    Teasers for trailers are all the rage these days. With the hotly anticipated full-length Warcraft trailer slated to release this Friday, eager fans can hold themselves over by watching this 15-second teaser. Despite its brevity, the teaser shows a surprising amount of what looks to be a beautifully realized... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Settles Overwatch Trademark Suit With Paintball App Maker

    In January, we reported that Blizzard’s arena shooter Overwatch might be due a name change as a result of a legal entanglement . That suit is now settled, and Blizzard should be in the clear to proceed without problem. The problem resulted from a trademark filed by Innovis Labs for a mobile phone... More
  • Blog Post: Activision: Destiny Now Has 25 Million Players, Blizzard Monthly Users Up 50 Percent

    In addition to yesterday’s announcement that Activision has agreed to acquire Candy Crush maker King, the publisher also had some good news about its current business. Destiny continues to grow, even though we don’t have specific sales figures. Activision reports that there are currently... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Acquires Candy Crush Developer King For $5.9 Billion

    Activision has announced that it has acquired King Digital for $5.9 billion. The announcement comes in conjunction with the publisher's earnings call, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. King Digital is best known for its work developing the Candy Crush series, which has become a cultural phenomenon... More
  • Blog Post: The Warcraft Movie's New Theatrical Poster Captures The Horde Vs Alliance Conflict

    Following the unveiling a pair of promotional posters at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year, Legendary Pictures has revealed the theatrical poster for the Warcraft movie. This sets the table for the film's first trailer, which premiers this Friday. Orcs and humans generally don't play... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Brings Character-Based Shooter Overwatch To Beta On October 27

    With the MOBA genre firmly established, developers and publishers are looking for new ways to build on the premise of characters in lieu of classes. Motiga’s Gigantic, Hi-Rez’s Paladins, and Gearbox’s Battleborn are all competing in that new sub-genre of multiplayer games. Blizzard’s... More
  • Blog Post: Hearthstone Is Finally Heading To Japan

    Hearthstone has been a big hit for Blizzard, but Japanese players have been forced to play a non-localized version. Soon they won't have to. Blizzard has announced that the game will be heading, fully localized, to Japan this month. According to CEO and Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime, Japanese... More
  • Blog Post: Massive Diablo III 2.3 Update Live Now On PC And Current-Gen Consoles

    Update: The console version of the patch is also live now. Happy hunting! Diablo III has received a hefty new update on PC, prepping the field for Season 4 and offering new areas to explore and conquer. Players can venture to the Ruins of Sescheron to take on new enemies and find a new legendary treasure... More
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