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  • Blog Post: Choose Your Robotic Pokémon Starter

    We've seen plenty of high-quality realistic takes on Pokémon , but science-fiction artist renditions are rare. The piece was drawn by ChasingArtwork on DeviantArt . Most of their work involves the roboticizing of known franchises. You can see more of ChasingArtwork's work on their Facebook... More
  • Blog Post: The Entire Pokémon Origins Series Is Now Online To Watch

    Pokémon Origins, an animated special that looks to the original Pokémon Game Boy games for inspiration, is now online for viewing in its entirety. You'll have to head to Pokémon's official website to see the show. There are four episodes, which have been premiering one by... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Builder Creates Original Pokémon Starters And Snorlax

    Carson Hart, a man who knows how to stick plastic bricks together, has created some impressive Lego Pokémon. Hart has made evolved forms of the original starters, and Snorlax. They're all instantly recognizable, even if they all look a little bit like Pokémon robots. [via The Brothers... More
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