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  • Blog Post: Black Mesa, A Community-Created, Modernized Half-Life, Goes From Free To Early Access

    Crowbar Collective, a third-party team of developers, is in the final stages of launching its long in-development update to Half-Life on Steam. Black Mesa was built on Valve’s Source engine and originally released for free in 2012 . Now it’s on Early Access. According to the Steam store page... More
  • Blog Post: Black Mesa To Be Sold On Steam

    Black Mesa, which was among the first games to be Greenlit on Steam, will soon be available on Steam as a retail product. The free Half-Life 2 mod remade the original Half-Life, bringing the first chapter of Valve’s revolutionary franchise up to par with modern shooters. The collection of Half... More
  • Blog Post: Black Mesa, The Half-Life Remake, Releasing In Two Weeks

    The fan created Half-Life remake, Black Mesa, has been in development for quite some time, and it looks like we will finally be able to get our hands on it a little bit later this month. A countdown timer has appeared on blackmesasource.com pointing to something happening in about 12 days, and a posting... More
  • Blog Post: The Half-Life Remake Appears In The Wild With New Screenshots

    Black Mesa, the fan created Half-Life remake, is not being created internally at Valve, but it seems to be progressing at the pace of a typical Valve game. Every few years it seems like we hear a few more tiny morsels about the game. On this occasion we've gotten a handful of screenshots, and a promise... More
  • Blog Post: How Half-Life Looked In Our Dreams

    The original Half-Life may be over a dozen years old, but the animation in this fan-made trailer for the game impresses us more than most modern games. James Benson, otherwise known as the YouTube users thejazzman9475 , spent six weeks crafting this stunning trailer for Half-Life. You may remember his... More
  • Blog Post: Aperture Science Wants To Sell You A Turret From Portal 2

    I can’t remember ever being this excited for a minute-long commercial. Valve has released the third entry in their series of Aperture Investment Opportunity videos. This third video highlights the positives for civilians using their military-grade turrets. Portal 2 arrives on PlayStation 3, Xbox... More
  • Blog Post: Anticipated Fan Short Beyond Black Mesa Debuts

    Months after the project was first teased , the anticipated independent fan film Beyond Black Mesa has debuted. Focusing on the tribulations of Adrian Shephard, the film was shot over a period of two years on a Canon HV20, took the efforts of seven friends, and cost a total of $1,200. We could say more... More
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