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  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Runner Developer Changes Name To Choice Provisions, Announces New Projects

    The developer formerly known as Gaijin Games, is going by a new alias, Choice Provisions, and has some new projects in the works. The developer behind the games in the Bit.Trip series writes on its blog that it decided to change the name of its studio because the term Gaijin has a negative connotation... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Fate Hits Steam

    Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip Fate makes its first appearance on a non-Nintendo platform. Bit.Trip Fate, is a unique and beguiling musical shooter, has been released to Valve's Steam service. The game was previously only available for Nintendo Wii and 3DS, and was also sold as part of the Bit.Trip Complete... More
  • Blog Post: Final Runner2 Good Friends DLC Characters Revealed

    Runner2's upcoming Good Friends DLC will have cameos from Super Meat Boy, Machinarium , Psychonauts, and Cave Story , and now we know it will also have Portal and Spelunky cameos, as well. You can check out all the trailers for the final Good Friends character reveals, which includes a third character... More
  • Blog Post: Runner2 DLC Adds Psychonauts' Raz And Cave Story's Quote

    New trailers from developer Gaijin Games confirms the looming appearance of Psychonauts' Raz and Cave Story's Quote as playable characters. The upcoming DLC, titled "Good Friends", is aiming to add seven new characters to the game. Raz and Quote are the first to be revealed. Gaijin... More
  • Blog Post: Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien Wii U Patch Now Available

    The promised patch for the Wii U version of Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien is available now . The patch should fix things like leaderboard issues, a settings menu bug, and and a few other things. Go download the patch now. More
  • Blog Post: Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien Wii U Patch On The Way

    The Wii U version of Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien has encountered a few bugs, but developer Gaijin Games is on the case. A patch for the game will be coming soon based on feedback from players. You can find out more about the patch by checking out Gaijin's website , or you check out the... More
  • Blog Post: Here's Nintendo's Full Release Schedule For The Beginning Of 2013

    Nintendo revealed a number of release dates this morning for games we're all very excited about. Here's the list of release dates for everything else, both physical and digital. A note for those unfamiliar with release date lingo: Q1 stands for quarter one, which means it should be showing up... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Saga Headed To The Nintendo 3DS eShop

    The Bit.Trip Saga, which collects all of the Bit.Trip games into one package, had a retail releases last year, and now it's headed to the 3DS eShop. The collection includes Bit.Trips Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux. The game will be will be $14.99, which is significantly less that the retail... More
  • Blog Post: Kickstarter Project Gives You A Chance To Play Katamari Creator's New Game

    Famed game designer Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, is offering his newest game to Kickstarter donators of the LA Game Space. If you donate the minimum $5 to the project , you get a copy of Takahashi's new game titled My Silly Game. If you go a little bit higher, you... More
  • Blog Post: A Very Early Look At The First HD Bit.Trip Game

    We learned earlier this month that Runner2, the follow-up to the great WiiWare title Bit.Trip Runner, will be making its way to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. This exciting project is still a ways off, but developer Gaijin Games has released a new video showing off a super-early debug version... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Complete Collection Comes To Wii And 3DS

    If you’ve never downloaded any of Aksys Games Bit.Trip titles, you’re missing out on some of the most inventive software WiiWare has to offer. Thankfully, a new six-game collection should open the Bit.Trip series to a whole new market of gamers. The new retail collection for 3DS and Wii includes... More
  • Blog Post: Entire Bit.Trip Series Coming To 3DS

    It looks like the assumed April Fool's prank is becoming a reality. Bit.Trip Saga is headed to 3DS this summer with all of your favorite very hard games bundled in one big package. Original developer Gaijin Games is handling the port and Aksys Games will publish. For those unfamiliar with the franchise... More
  • Blog Post: BIT.TRIP Developer Gets Bigger

    Gaijin Games – developer of the BIT.TRIP franchise – has acquired Robotube Games, a fellow independent studio that specializes in web-based puzzle games. The acquisition gives Gaijin reach into some other, previously untapped areas. "Our bio-absorbtion of Robotube Games, its licenses... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Makers Making 3DS Game

    Gaijin Games is making a title for Nintendo's upcoming handheld, and the company has hinted at a release date. If you have a Wii and you haven't checked out the Bit.Trip games on WiiWare, then you're missing out. Luckily for us gamers, it seems that Gaijin plans to continue their mutually... More
  • Blog Post: Bit.Trip Beat Now On iPhone

    Gaijin's excellent WiiWare game has made the jump to Apple's portable platform. We've been big fans of Gaijin's Bit.Trip series since it first launched on WiiWare. It seems the developer is ready for a new challenge, and has ported the game to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, along with... More
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